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My Air Force story begins with me searching for a viable way to pay for college. I was brought up in a home with two hard working parents who were great role models that tried to provide every opportunity for me. However, my family was part of the lower-middle class which meant I needed a way to pay for college. I followed suit with my parent’s stringent work ethic and set a goal to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering and have the Air Force fund it. I felt that the Air Force would be a great match as it would allow me to pursue my aviation dream and also serve as a great way to fund my educa...

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My Air Force story begins as a young child sitting next to my father in his Cessna 172RG

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It was the night of 29th March 1979, and so my mother told me, when her second child came out to this world while my father was so excited waiting outside the delivery room of AFP Medical Center. Dad told me that from that delivery room, he never lost sight of his first son and followed the nurses until the baby was brought to the Nursery, eagerly monitoring every activity up to the time the tag was attached naming me as ‘baby boy Brotonel’. I am CPT BRYAN BISCOCHO BROTONEL O-14294 PAF and this is the Humble Beginnings of My Air Force Story.

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Good morning all my name is TSgt. Emanuel B. Coley. I am here to tell you my Air Force story. What that entails; Why I joined, what I do and why I continue to serve in...

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In 2003, I became a citizen of the United States

From Africa and back: My Air Force story. By Capt. Martha Muon, 52 Medical Operations Squadron / Published December 16, 2015

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