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Communication teaching within the second year of the Monash University pharmacy curriculum in Victoria, Australia, has, over several years, involved lectures, tutorials in a mock pharmacy (including video-recorded role-playing and tutor and peer assessment), reflective journaling, language and learning support, and OSCEs, potentially addressing the limitations of earlier communication teaching programs. However, there are still inherent limitations, including lack of a holistic approach; use of only 1 or 2 delivery methods rather than the integration of several to cater for students’ different learning styles; lack of attention given to intercultural training, which is essential for meeting the health and pharmaceutical care demands of Australia’s rapidly growing and multiethnic population; and lack of scaffolding to suit the communication needs of students at various stages of the curricula.

Monash University Pharmatopia interactive learning

 Design and construct contract – Monash University Pharmacy College.

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Mukhalalati B, Taylor A. Evaluating the effectiveness of the PharmD program in Qatar University in developing the student’s practice skills - preceptors perspective. (Poster). Monash University Pharmacy Education Symposium 2013. Prato, Italy. July 8-10, 2013. ()

Monash University Pharmatopia interactive learning

The Monash University pharmacy internship training program will assist you in making the transition from a student to an independent, competent health professional and will consolidate and build upon the knowledge and skills you have gained as an undergraduate.

Monash University Pharmatopia interactive learning
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Canadian students like the Monash University Pharmacy Honours program because it allows them to make global connections and network with industry leaders around the world. The Victorian College of Pharmacy boasts a stellar graduate employment rate, along with an internationally renowned research centre.

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Open to all Monash University pharmacy graduates, the assists pharmacy professionals and academics to undertake a substantial pharmacy practice or research project of their choosing. It covers living expenses and project costs, depending on the project's scope.

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