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At Modern Technology School,87.0%percent of first-time undergrads receive financial aid,87.0% receive grants and/or scholarships(an average of $1,691),and 73% receive loans ($8,210 on average).On-campus room and board costs about $17,820.

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Modern Technology School is a leader in healthcare training. The healthcare field is on the rise with employers looking for the best graduates to join the industry. This is where the Modern Technology School has made a name for itself. The school was established into September 1981 and was the first school to offer a medical assistant back office program and x-ray technology limited permit to its students. The school trains students for entry level starting positions within the healthcare job market.

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The campus at the Modern Technology School is located in Fountain Valley, California just east of the mile square park in Fountain Valley. At the school, students are exposed to hands on training with a facility that houses live x-ray units and ultrasound machines. With 10,500 square feet, the campus offers spacious classrooms, a well-educated faculty, and training that prepares students for the real world. Working with x-ray machines and other healthcare related equipment gives graduates of the Modern Technology School the upper hand when they enter the competitive job market.

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Modern Technology School is dedicated to providing exceptional preparation in the field of medicine. Students receive a quality education with outstanding professional standards utilizing a combination of classroom instruction and supervised clinical training. Graduates enter their respective medical fields with confidence and the ability to succeed.With hands on training and an opportunity to participate in an internship, the Modern Technology School takes healthcare training to new heights. Graduates from the school can look forward to a life long career in the health field with a winning resume that employers cannot resist taking a peek at.Programs at the Modern Technology School are based upon the demands of the healthcare field and the industry’s highest rated career opportunities. Programs include x-ray technician/medical assistant, medical assistant/back office, medical assisting and ultrasound/vascular technician. Clinical internships are offered to students who are cleared from each department and maintain an average of 70% in attendance standards. Financial aid must be current as well as health records and students must posses a valid BLS/CPR certificate.Training in the areas of X-ray Technician, Ultrasound, Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy Technician. Established in 1981, Modern Technology School is a great place to enter the work force and get a new start. Come in and talk to us, we would love to meet you and show you our campus. Taking into account total living expenses and financial aid, the average net cost of attendingModern Technology School is $47,088 per year.The school reports its educational mission is:
"Modern Technology School is passionate about providing exceptionally prepared professionals to the Diagnostic Health Care Fields."
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About Modern Technology School. I was an there for three years. I quit because I did not like their practices. I was lied to, the other instructors seemed to delight in failing student, and the job pacement after graduating was not what it should have been. I am now working at Concorde Career . It is an excellent school. Their job placement record is very high. We do not offer x-ray, but their are other programs. We have many campuses. come check it out.

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The North Hollywood campus of Kaplan College enrolled its first students in September 1982, operating as the Modern Technology School of X-ray. The College changed names twice: first to Modern Technology College in 1998 and later to Maric College in 2004. In March 2007, Maric College in Riverside became a branch campus of the North Hollywood campus. In August 2008, the campus name changed to Kaplan College.

In 2007-2008, 265 students were enrolled in Modern Technology School.

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Modern Technology School can be found in Fountain Valley, CA (a small city). The school is a private, for-profit institution. The Associate's degree is the highest degree at Modern Technology School.