The merits of globalization are discussed below.

The first three sections of Why Globalization Works are devoted primarily to the theory side of the argument-how to define globalization, why the free movement of goods, services, and people across borders is a good thing, and the proper division of labor between markets and governments. Few of the points made in this section are new, but they serve a useful purpose, which is to point out an alternative frame through which to judge the merits of globalization. Protestors tend to focus on cross-sectional analysis-i.e., comparing how different parts of the present-day world are experiencing the (mal)distribution of benefits from the globalization phenomenon. Wolf argues that the thoughtful observer should also make temporal comparisons. How much do individuals benefit during eras of globalization as opposed to periods of segmentation? The answer here is not surprising-periods of globalization generate much greater gains than other periods in history. …

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Merits and Demerits of Globalization

The Merits of Globalization are as follows:

Therefore, it is displaying its merits and demerits. One of the demerits of the globalization, illegal immigration of poor people to the advanced countries, becomes a serious problem in the world. As the concepts of globalization spreads around the earth, there is a noticeable distinction between the rich and the poor especially in a backward nation. As a result of that, even illegally, the poor people decide to go to other country for their dreams. Then, I come to two questions. Should not the advanced countries feel responsibility after they sent back the illegal immigrants to their own country? And what is the fundamental solution for the illegal immigration?

What are the merits of Globalization

Globalization is a contentious process. Ever since the term was first used to make sense of large-scale changes, scholars have debated its meaning and use. As the term became a globally popular buzzword, it served to crystallize disagreements about the direction of change in the world at large. By the end of the twentieth century, the meaning and merits of globalization were contested in the media and in the streets. Intellectual debate blended with political conflict. In the years to come, debates and conflicts surrounding globalization will increasingly affect the processes captured by the term.

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With the passage of the Border Industrial Program in the 1960s that placed maquiladoras on the Mexican U.S. border and NAFTA in the 1990s, the flow of trade and labor increased, though in reality movement between what is today California and the American Southwest and Mexico goes back centuries well before the rise of nation states. These economic and political forces encouraged migration between the two nations. Reservations about such developments, especially in the wake of NAFTA and contentious debates about the merits of globalization, exacerbated these grievances. Working class Americans, both black and white, believed that white collared types benefitted from such labor flows as they suffered.

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YUSRIL IHZA MAHENDRA, Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Indonesia: Slavery, slave trading, colonialism and apartheid are major historical sources and manifestations of racism, racial discrimination and related intolerance, with enduring consequences for the peoples of African and Asian descent. The contemporary effects of those past practices and policies manifest themselves in the form of poverty, underdevelopment, marginalization and socio-economic exclusion which, despite the much-vaunted merits of globalization, have worsened in developing countries over the last few years. Those effects not only seriously threaten global security, they also deny a large fraction of the world's population its human rights, dignity and fundamental freedoms. In that regard, we join in the appeal to the international community to adopt appropriate and remedial action, including reparation and compensatory measures, in order to halt and reverse the consequences of those past policies and practices.

Questioning the Merits of Globalization

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The success stories of Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China, and, more recently, India and Vietnam are based on these new pillars, rather than the traditional ones. And further integration with the rest of the world can benefit countries even more. This means globalization is going to remain relevant, even though I'm saying so at a time when people might be questioning the very merits of globalization.