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If a person is using mercy killing he/she removes economic burden of his/her family and relatives. Thus mercy killing should be legaliazed. It is
not right to feel pain by giving money.
It also frees up the hospital beds and resoures for those who needs the treatment immideatly with chances of recovery.

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Mercy killing should be legalized in India but only under certain conditions

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There is nothing wrong in legalizing mercy killing. But in a country like ours where every law is misused, chances are that a law legalizing mercy killing will be highly misused. There can be any a loopholes in such a law. Also many a innocent lives would be taken in the name of mercy killing. Mercy killing should be legalized in our country like Netherlands because it would only prevent a person suffering any further. Persons leading a vegetable existence cause misery to their families too. In terms of medicine, mercy killing should be allowed when a person is already brain dead or heart dead and in both the instances the person would only mean a liability to his family bearing the bills of a hospital for an uncertain period of time. Mercy killing should not be legalized because no one has the right to take some ones life. Secondly everyone is born with his share of suffering and euthanasia will only increase it rather than reducing it. people who are suffering from any incurable disease should be allowed to die their natural death rather than mercy killing.

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The issue of euthanasia remains one of the most debatable ones in contemporary society. There are both pros and cons that complicate making the final decision whether mercy killing should be legalized. The most appropriate solution to the problem seems to be the governmental decision to carry out a public referendum. In such a way, every citizen would have the opportunity to express his/her personal attitude to the existing problem. Democracy means the governments for people and by people. Therefore, people of the country through the majority should possess the right to have an ultimate say in the process of legalizing euthanasia in society.

mercy killing should be legalised in india but with certain conditions
Euthanasia aka Mercy killing should be legalised with certain conditions

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Death is not the solution for any misery or suffering in life, but the attitude, self belief & confidence towards life is the answer for every difficulty. The question here is "whether mercy killing should be legalized", a person should look within himself before answering the above question & ask his own heart-"what is life & what does it mean to him & what he wants from his life". And a real answer of a human heart should be "challenges and difficulties as these things do not let you down but make you competent enough to rise up to the occasion when it calls for."

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