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If I could figure out what the turmoil IS, I would put the suppressed feelings and the conscious mind in bikinis, fill a vat with melted butter, and let them wrestle it out. I could put the resulting film up on the web for innocent google searchers who simply want a recipe for lobster to find. Because a google search without 278 million unwanted pR0n links is like a dream interprepetation online dictionary that doesn't have ONE DARN THING to say about the meaning of greasy fried eggrolls. And I strongly feel the eggrolls were SIGNIFICANT. Any thoughts on that???

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This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of greasy sweet is

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This place really has 4 & 1/2 stars?? This place sucks! The service is atrocious. The food is awful.
Our server, Deanna, gave a blank stare when asked any question. Seriously, a complete blank stare. She was slower than a one legged dog on tranquilizers. The food came out in "phases"; first waffles, then meat, then toast and then hash browns. The eggs were cold. The hash browns were sitting in a puddle of old grease, which is all you could taste. Of course my coffee cup was empty before any food arrived and wasn't refilled until I was finished eating.
As for the atmosphere, you'll need a shower after you visit. This place is the true meaning of greasy spoon. Everything is either sticky or greasy. I wasn't about to attempt to use the rest room here so I walked next door. My shoes were sliding on the concrete from the grease they picked up from the floor.

Save your money and go somewhere else. This place is not worth your time.

Greasy definition, smeared, covered, or soiled with grease

GREASED LIGHTNING= Lightning is the visible flash of light accompanying a thunder in an electric storm (). If you say that a car is lightning, you mean that it is really really fast (fast as lightning). GREASED is something that has been covered in grease. If you grease a car engine with car oil it will work better and the car will go faster, so a greased car goes better and faster (). The name of this movie is GREASE, but meaning a kind of greasy shiny gel used to sculpt your hair and make it stiff and wet-looking (like John Travolta's hairstyle in this movie), and this song uses the word "grease" with the more normal meaning of greasy oil.

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Soft or melted animal fat, especially after rendering

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has quite the history of greasy fast food, "sliders" took the meaning of greasy to a whole new level

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