The third reasonfor the unemployment in Soviet Russia is the food shortage. Each factoryhas been made responsible for the feeding of its workers. A factory is given acertain agricultural district from which to draw supplies. A director ismade responsible for the feeding. There is hardly ever enough food for allthe workers In the factory on account of the breakdown of agriculture. Inorder to make the food supply go round workers are dismissed and are sent to thecountryside. The food shortage is probably the main cause of unemployment.

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There are four main causes of unemployment

Keynesian economics emphasizes the role of demand in an economy. According to Keynes, the main cause of unemployment is low consumer demand for goods and services. Excessive consumer demand for products and services creates inflation. Therefore, the government is responsible for managing the total demand for goods and services, known as aggregate demand, by adjusting its spending and taxes.


The main cause of unemployment is disarmingly simple. There is always a lotof work to do; for example, right now there is a lot of work to dodeveloping alternative energy and helping the world give up itsdependence on fossil fuels. And there are many other gigantictasks awaiting our attention - the elimination of poverty is an obvious example. Aslong as the wealth gap is far too big, the problemcan be reduced to one of taxation. Our governments are not taxing therich enough, so they don't have the money to pay people to do urgentwork such as saving the planet for our children. You don't need aneconomics degree to understand that, nor do you need an economicsdegree to see that the problem could easily be solved by introducing ofincreasing wealth taxes. Right now, the money that shouldbe in circulation so that it can be used to pay employees has insteadgot stuck in the assets of the rich, a large proportion of which hasbeen parked in hedge funds and tax havens, doing nothing.

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Unemployment is the one constant throughout history. Despite changing technology, the underlying principles of why unemployment occurs remain the same. It’s also what continues to this day. The three main causes of unemployment are economic conditions, new technology, and increasing populations.To a classical or neoclassical economist, their searches for the main causes of unemployment prefer to focus more strictly on outside forces which act on the labor market, identifying unionization, minimum wage laws, taxes, and other regulatory measures as factors that will discourage workers from being hired. This is known as classical unemployment.The main cause of unemployment in many countries is competition in the labor market, as there are few employment opportunities. This leads to a situation where for every available opportunity, there are more than one qualified individuals. This means that when one gets employment, others will lack employment. Currently increased technology shifts production from labor intensive to capital intensive. When these machines replace workers, they lack employment hence contributes to unemployment.In a 1982 poll, 51% believed lack of jobs was the main cause of unemployment, only 21% believed it was lack of skills, and 26% that people just didn’t want to work. In 2010, an even greater proportion of the public believed there were no jobs available for the unemployed. Seventy-nine percent of the public said the main cause of unemployment was a lack of jobs, only 12% thought it was people lacking skills, and just 7% that people just don’t want to work.
The main cause of unemployment is actually the unequal distribution of resources in the economy

Bad governance is the main cause of unemployment in Ghana.

Tens oftrillions of dollars are stuck in this way because our governments arefailing to enforce fundamental rules of capitalism. One of those rulessays that everyone must honestly disclose their income and assets fortaxation purposes. Another says that both income and wealth must betaxed. Another says that the more you earn or own, the more you pay intax. These basic rules are not being respected. We are experiencingcorruption at the highest level. Our governments areovertaxing the middle classes and small businesses, to compensatefor undertaxing the rich. As a result, small and medium businessescannot offer enoughjobs to employ the workforce, and there you have it: unemployment. Aslong asa large proportion of the world's money is tied up in secret taxhavens, thereis never going to be enough money to pay wages to workers. If thismoney got backinto circulation, unemployment figures would fall. Themain cause of unemployment is the same as the main cause of thefinancial crisis: it is the failure of governments to tax therich.

We're also opposed to the idea that immigration is the main cause of unemployment

Job loss is not the main cause of unemployment

As for the main cause of unemployment, 34% of the French blame "companies that prefer to increase their profits rather than hiring" while 31% blame "government inefficiency". 21% blame "blockages in French society" and 14% "unfavorable economic conditions".

In 2002, the total frictional unemployment, which is the main cause of unemployment reasons, is

The main cause of unemployment is disarmingly simple

Our country is set to be progressing by leaps and bounds in the matter of economy but this progress is low sided that the net results is the sharp increase in the number of unemployed. Population of our country India is increasing day by day. It is the second highest populous country in the world. Today ,we have over 1.15 billion people in our country and so is the increasing unemployment rate. Today, we have both educated and uneducated unemployed people. We have skilled and unskilled unemployed youths both in the urban and the rural areas. Even degree holders are unemployed. The main cause of unemployment is the growing population. Other factors are Recessions, Inflation ,corruption, disability, and nepotism.