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Elana Karopkin-Gold is the regional superintendent at Achievement First, where she manages several high school superintendents and is responsible for overseeing high school programming and the college access team across the Achievement First network. While 100% of Achievement First scholars are accepted to college, at its core, Elana?s role is to ensure that those scholars graduate from college and defy national statistics. Prior to joining Achievement First, Elana was the founding principal of the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice (SLJ), a public school within the New York City Department of Education, which served students who were overwhelmingly the first in their families to attend college and where over 90% qualified for free and reduced lunch.?At the end of her four-year tenure, 93% of the founding class graduated on time and 100% of them applied to and were accepted to colleges such as Bates, Amherst, Colby, Hamilton, Skidmore, and the CUNY Macaulay Honors Program. Her experience as a leader in urban education also includes roles as a regional literacy specialist, assistant principal, English department head, and English teacher. Elana graduated from Bryn Mawr College and holds an M.A. in English education from New York University, where she received the Jonathan Levin fellowship. She is a Fellow of the 12th class of the Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship and a member of the Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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So when she applied to the College of Staten Island, and was accepted into CSI's Macaulay Honors program, she said she "just couldn't pass up the opportunity to graduate debt-free."

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Additionally, students accepted into CSI's elite Macaulay Honors program -- about 160 students are enrolled -- also attend tuition-free, receive laptop computers, and a $7,500 grant for expenses, which most students use to study abroad.

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Opportunities Fund Grants: Every University Scholar will have access to a Opportunities Fund of up to $7500 to support experiences, such as studying abroad, and activities, such as internships. All requests must be approved both by the Macaulay Honors College Program Advisor/Director at the participating CUNY college and by the Opportunities Fund Application Review Committee.Student of The Macaulay Honors Program at Bernard M. Baruch College. Location: Greater. Current. Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Inc. Education. Student of The Macaulay Honors Program at Bernard M. Baruch College. Location: Greater. Current. Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Inc. Education. Sophomore Year: Honors English Junior Year:. Junior Chairperson of. Communications in National Honor Society 2007, 2008 #17 in. All University Scholars take the macaulay Honors Help With National Honor Society Help With National Junior Honor Society 1000 Word Essay On Honor following four Macaulay Honors College. For. Federal Student Aid) and a New York State TAP (Tuition Assistance Program - for New. They have also visited the many departments of New York Life, the nation s. Campus organizations such as Circle K or the Golden Key Honors. Society). National Honor Society- 11th, 12th. Math Honor Society- 12th. Aid) because it s not included like Hunter s housing is for Macaulay students.This is a great article on the Macaulay Honors College. I liked that you added how unpredictable the admissions process can be. Grades and SAT scores are not everything, I cannot stress this enough. I know a lot of friends that got into this program with grades far below the average grades. Just because you have good grades, does not guarantee you a spot in the program. If any of you got in, I congratulate you. I'm currently a student at the Macaulay Honors College at Queens College and deciding to go to this school was probably the best decision I made. I also have to add that just because some schools are more difficult to get into, does not mean that the Macaulay honors program will be different or better in some way. All Macaulay honors programs are the same. You all receive the same benefits within the honors college. The differences lie within each campus, so do your research to decide which campus fits you best. Good luck to all of you!
The Macaulay Honors Program is a program for students with outstanding GPAs and SATs

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Mr. Schwartz started at the Macaulay Honors program at Queens College this fall with "nagging" disappointment but has come to terms with his decision.

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High school students admitted directly to baccalaureate programs have an average grade of "B" or better. Students admitted to the Macaulay Honors program this year had a high school grade-point-average of 93.6 and a minimum score of 1329 on the SAT, according to CSI data.

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Luckily, I received full scholarships from the honors programs of Fordham University and the University of Delaware, and an acceptance to the free Macaulay Honors program at Hunter College. I don’t remember much about the month of April, when I was making my decision, because I so completely rejected the idea of going to one of my safety schools that I effectively refused to think about colleges at all. Finally, after an emotional few weeks, I agreed with my parents that it was irresponsible to take out loans for school when I had the option of attending an honors program at an excellent school for free. I grudgingly admitted that Fordham’s combination of small classes, a competitive honors program, a gorgeous campus and a convenient city location made it stand out from the rest, even above my “target” schools, like Vassar. I turned in my acceptance and tried to think positively.