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LSE IR is quite general compared to Kings. They tend to cover quite a lot of everything and especially for your second and third year undergraduate, you tend to do lots of theories. For masters at LSE, I dont know much but I know a few people who are either doing it or finished it and they say its fine - this might be biased because people I know are all LSE undergrads doing grad studies at the same institution. So it's generally easier for them to get an admission as long as they have a decent grade. (when I say decent, I mean a 1st of a 2.1)

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My ex did LSE IR for his undergrad and went onto Kings for his Masters.

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EDIT: These are the MA programs. Wow, I go to the University of Denver and will be applying to LSE for IR. I knew we had a decent school but I wasn't as convinced as FP Magazine was about its prestige. Do you think coming from a Political Science degree at U. of Denver will help in anyway with my application?

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For their support, encouragement, and critical debate, thanks to Kathryn Trevenen; Marc Saurette; Peter Wilson, Mark Hoffman and the participants of the LSE IR Theory workshop; Henrik Thune, Ole Jacob Sending and the participants of the Theory Seminar at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs; and Nick Rengger, Mary Kettle and the anonymous reviewers from RIS.

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