Watching the science channel inspired the senior’s love for physics.

"This has definitely strengthened my love for physics. I decided to take Honors Physics instead of regular physics because of this job. I think I will go on to take AP Physics and am considering it strongly as one of my career choices. I am already a step ahead of my physics class. It is pretty much summed up by our motto in the physics lab: 'Physics Rules!'" —William Lavery (apprenticed at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)

"My love for physics began early" - Yale Supplement

MOVIE REVIEW: The Theory of Everything: the physics of love and a love for physics

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The group’s efforts to share their love for physics have not gone unnoticed. UR’s Society of Physics Students was recently recognized by the national organization as an outstanding chapter for the second year in a row. The award means a lot to Rohrer and Knoerzer, as well as secretary Kristen Gell, ’15, who have worked hard to make the group a fun and accessible environment for all.

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“Training students in physics is a goal of the program, but not the primary goal,” says Epp. “What we really want to do is inspire, inspire, inspire. These kids come in with a lot of talent and maybe a little spark of love for physics. We fan that into a roaring fire, and show them how powerful and important physics discoveries are to the world.”

“These kids come in with a lot of talent and maybe a little spark of love for physics. We fan that into a roaring fire.”
Describing his love for physics communication, Ben said, "Science communication and outreach is a two way benefit, scientists get as much out of it as the audience – at least I hope the audience do! I feel that it is important for me to try and give back some of the encouragement, enthusiasm, and enlightened education that I was lucky enough to receive because without it I would not be where I am today."Industrious students with a love for physics and an innate ability to solve problems choose WPI so they may be part of a close-knit community of faculty members and students working together on the leading-edge of this constantly evolving field. 1. Prof. Lewin's crazy love for physics: anybody who has watched at least one lecture by Prof. Lewin will notice from his eyes and his words that his love for physics is wild. Take the Quora picture for for example. It shows one experiment where Prof. Lewin has sacrificed his life to exemplify the exactitude of physics. Show me one other *person* (not only professor) who is so wild about his love for a subject - you can't.High school students who meet the brilliant scientist with the beautiful smile and the contagious love for physics sometimes submit their college applications based on just one encounter. Members of Florida State's Women in Math, Science and Engineering Living Learning Community () — a group that Blessing directs — find their confidence and nurture new friendships with other young women in the sciences.
One thing I haven't gotten had a chance to talk about yet in my application is my love for physics

"This has definitely strengthened my love for physics

Have you ever looked up at the sky or turned on a light switch and been reminded that physics is an intriguing and fascinating subject? Are you the kind of individual we are looking for? We want to turn people who are passionate about physics into teachers who can inspire children in North Lincolnshire to develop a love for physics too. Train to be a physics teacher with the NLEC and you will receive a bursary of up to £25,000, depending on your degree classification.
You don’t need your degree to be in physics to train to teach physics you just need to have enthusiasm for the subject and a certain level of subject knowledge. If you bring the enthusiasm, we can help you with the subject knowledge. Apply to train with the NLEC now and we can arrange for you to do a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course in 2015 so you are ready to begin your teacher training with us in September. There are no fees for the course and you receive a bursary of approximately £200 a week for the duration of the course. There are different SKE courses available for those who have A Level Physics and those who do not, if you have any questions about this, please contact us.

Watching the science channel inspired the senior's love for physics

I study bullet trajectory, it's my love for physics

When I started college, I was an astrophysics major. While I realized my true passions lie in mathematics, I never lost my love for physics. So this page is dedicated to my second love … physics.

My love for physics and my love for students is front and center when I teach

love for physics eroded by feelings of inadequacy or not belonging

2. I heard a couple of inspiring talks early on during my undergraduate career. One was by astronaut Jeff Hoffman, who spoke on the value of manned space exploration while regaling us with stories about his space walks—one of which was part of the mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The other was by Prof. Tobin, who combined his love for physics and baseball to statistically analyze the effects of steroid usage on home run production in Major League Baseball. I think these experiences subconsciously alerted me to how widely applicable a physics education can be.