Just looking for female friends after a divorce?

Looking for Friends is played with two or more identical standard packs shuffled together. From 5 to 7 players use two packs, from 8 to 11 players use 3 packs, and 12 or more players use 4 packs. Sufficient red and black jokers are included so that all the cards can be distributed equally to the players, with a kitty of six (or eight) cards left over.

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I actually have no specific type, so I asked her to tell me more about herself. She sent me an instant reply: “I am Thai. I lonely look for friend. Where you from?” I tried to talk more but there was no further reply. Another email was written in decent English. The sender introduced herself as a well-educated Thai-Chinese woman. She was keen to know more about me and wanted to know if I was still looking. I replied, and later found out a lot more about her.

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It then asks for general information such as name, gender, age, ethnicity, and also whether the user is interested in men or women and if he or she is looking for friends, flirting, dating or a relationship.

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When looking for friends, you should also choose people who are honest. Honesty is extremely important no matter how old you are. People who are honest, or have integrity, will tell you the truth but in a caring, nice manner. An honest person is someone with whom you can trust and build a wonderful friendship. No one wants to associate with people who don't tell the truth.The deal and play of Looking for Friends are anticlockwise, and the dealing is done in the usual Chinese way. There is no dealer. The pack is placed face down in the centre of the table and each player in turn takes one card from the top of the pack and adds it to their hand without showing it to the other players. The taking of cards continues around the table until everyone has their full number of cards (as specified in the table ), and there are six face-down cards remaining in the centre of the table.Looking for Friends is a Chinese trick-taking game for 5 to 12 or more players. It is played with multiple packs and features variable partnerships, which are unknown at the start of the play. The object is to win tricks for your team containing Kings, Tens and Fives. When sets of identical cards are held it is possible to lead more than one card at a time, beginning a multiple trick. You might expect that such a large game would be slow and unwieldy, but in fact this is not so. It is one of the most successful games for 6 or more people, and is almost the only trick-taking game of this size that works well.Instapaper is another example of an app that tells the user exactly what's going on when you are looking for friends, and developer on his security and data retention policies (they're good). Arment joins many others in calling on Apple to require app developers to be equally explicit.
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Looking for Friends is a point trick game - the aim is for the players on your team to win tricks containing valuable cards. As is usual in Chinese games, the values of the cards are:

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You and I look for friend in this world. But Hazrat Ibrahim was Khalil Allah, the friend of Allah… , Nothing better than to have Allah as your friend!

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So far, we have only seen this auto-uploading behavior from apps that a user might reasonably expect to look for friend information. We have yet to find any apps that simply grab and upload address book information for no discernible reason, but unfortunately that doesn't mean they're not out there.