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I took a break from Cuisinivity to mourn the loss of some dear family members. I didn't feel right to blog about what I ate or cooked during such a sad time. Almost one month has passed since their beautiful memorial service and I believe they want us to go back to our regular lives and enjoy what we like. Their life was so full of joy and happiness, surrounded by good food and drinks and so many good friends and family. Life is so unpredictable and I am reminded to appreciate each moment of our lives and do whatever makes you and your loved ones happy. It may be true that obsessing about food is a waste of time and money for many people, but for me, it is always a tool to connect with people and the way I can make others happy. So here I am. I will keep my passion for food and cooking and hopefully I can provide more happiness to others.

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He must not have thought this in dream even. We all are shattered and could not believe that this has happened. This incident made me think that, life is so unpredictable and while chasing on few things we tend to take many other things granted (in general).

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Having a life insurance policy is so important, I feel it should be a law in all fifty states that parents and anyone who has someone depending on them should be required to purchase it. Life is so unpredictable and leaving your loved ones to grieve the loss of you on top of no financial support should never be an option.

Life is so unpredictable
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I'm intoxicatecated with life
It is the mirror for my dreams

I am who I am
Don't take that away that away from me

My life is so unpredictable
I don't know at times who I can be

But when I learn of the ups and down
And I learn to be strong and free

I suppose that is life
It is what I dream
It is what is real


(Isn't life unpredictable?)

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Life, Life is just so unpredictable; I knew it already is..