Write letters to your friend if they’re in treatment

Talking about it helps me a lot, writing my feelings down and letting them go out. (write letters to your friend, it doesn´t matter if you end up never sending them)

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But multiple players sharing one memory card (which is included with the game, by the way) is only the beginning. If your friend has a copy of the game, he can stick his memory card into the second card slot and you can depart your village to go and visit his. Since the villages are randomized when your first play the game, you will see completely different animals, items unique to the other village, and even fruit trees that don't grow in yours. For example, your village may be limited to cherry trees. Bring back a pear from your friend's village and plant it to grow pear trees (and later get pears) in your own town. Any fruit not indigenous to your village will fetch a higher market value when sold. But there's more. Once you talk to the animals in your friend's village, they will know you and start referring to you. Send them letters while you're visiting and they may even show your letters to your friend from time to time. And if they like you or they're not completely happy with the village they live in, they will actually move away from your friend's village -- and into yours. Although this sounds like something only possible in an online game, Nintendo pulls the illusion of connectivity off masterfully. The secret lies in the real-time clock.

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very interesting, i wish you can continue the blog after joining the amish, i hope you do that thing sending letters to your friend or something!

Write letters to your friend.
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