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In order to get confirmation that you have attended a meeting, bring your Attendance Verification Form from your probation officer, and at the end of the meeting the PDAP staff member will sign it for you. This will let this probation officer know that you have attended a PDAP meeting. To prove active participation in the program or to get a written letter, called a "Letter of Participation" you will need to schedule an appointment with a senior staff member and there we will outline the requirements for being considered and active participant. If you meet the requirements PDAP will be happy to provide you with a letter.

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Once the City Bar Justice Center receives your affirmation form, it will provide you with a "Letter of Participation." The Letter will include the date(s) of your assignment, the name of the pro bono CLE program, your name, the number of hours of pro bono service you provided and the number of pro bono CLE credit hours earned. The Letter of Participation is your "proof" that you have earned the CLE pro bono credits and you should keep it with the time records of your participation for the requisite period of four (4) years.

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To remain eligible to participate in the Lifeline program, each calendar year, all subscribers must verify that they are still eligible for the program. Subscribers who fail to recertify their eligibility will be de-enrolled from the program and lose their Lifeline benefit.
During the re-certification, subscribers are asked to confirm that their information is current and then read a number of statements, checking them off to indicate that they understand the rules of Lifeline. It is similar to the form that was filled out during the initial enrollment in the program. Once the form is signed and submitted, the certification is complete.
Some states, including Pennsylvania, require documentation of eligibility be provided. To complete re-certification, a picture of your qualifying program benefit card or letter of participation must be submitted in addition to the re-certification form.

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