Title: Leadership Secrets for Everyone: Being a 21st Century Leader

Did you know that turnover is a 5 trillion dollar drain on the US economy? How does turnover affect your bottom line? By implementing a "Purposed Based Recognition" program you will reduce turnover, you will gain buy-in of your employees and you will create an environment of support and enthusiasm. Lori will help you identify goals and responsibilities of leadership for everyone in an intentional program that will retain your most important asset; your employees.

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Many assume that successfully leading millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers is about bridging the vast divides among them. While differences in stage of life, work experience and frames of reference do exist, the expectations and desires for effective leadership are similar across the generations. Managers at all levels should know that effective leadership is effective leadership for everyone — regardless of age or generation.

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Do we believe that every student can be a leader? Is leadership for everyone? Yes.
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When a team is empowered and trusted, and its collective talents are respected, it raises the level of leadership for everyone.

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