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But melting icecaps also raise ocean levels. And the Greenland icecap, like the Antarctica peninsula icecap—its sibling to the south—has the potential to raise ocean levels by as much as 20 feet. Exactly when, no one can say for sure. But some predict that it could happen within as little as a century. Most scientists agree that we will see a rise of about four feet by then, which represents a loss of about four hundred feet of global coastal areas. What’s more, low-rise areas—such as Vietnam, today the world’s second largest rice producing country—could see its plains flooded and its food production destroyed. Greenland, in that way, can affect a lot more than just the Northern hemisphere.

Bangladesh is the 4th largest rice producing country

Bangladesh is the third largest rice producing country in the world

India is second largest rice producing country of the world

The characterization of genetic divergence and relationships of a set of germplasm is essential for its efficient applications in crop breeding and understanding of the origin/evolution of crop varieties from a given geographical region. As the largest rice producing country in Europe, Italy holds rice germplasm with abundant genetic diversity. Although Italian rice varieties and the traditional ones in particular have played important roles in rice production and breeding, knowledge concerning the origin and evolution of Italian traditional varieties is still limited. To solve the puzzle of Italian rice origin, we characterized genetic divergence and relationships of 348 rice varieties from Italy and Asia based on the polymorphisms of microsatellite fingerprints. We also included common wild rice O. rufipogon as a reference in the characterization. Results indicated relatively rich genetic diversity (He = 0.63-0.65) in Italian rice varieties. Further analyses revealed a close genetic relationship of the Italian traditional varieties with those from northern China, which provides strong genetic evidence for tracing the possible origin of early established rice varieties in Italy. These findings have significant implications for the rice breeding programs, in which appropriate germplasm can be selected from a given region and utilized for transferring unique genetic traits based on its genetic diversity and evolutionary relationships.

Bangladesh is the fourth largest rice producing country in the world.

REAP members have put huge investment in upgrading their infrastructure by adopting latest technologies and installing world’s modern rice plants in their Rice Mills and as a result of such efforts, we are standing on this stage to be the World’s 3rd Largest Rice Exporting Country despite the fact that Pakistan is 12th Largest Rice Producing Country.

largest rice producing country, produced about 6% of the total world rice production in that year
Nigeria ranks as the 17th largest rice producing country in the world [4]

China is responsible for half the total world production of rice.

Abstract: India is the second largest rice producing country in the world

Developing countries account for 95 per cent of the total production.

As we know India is a second largest rice producing country in the world.

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