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With each election come innovations in ways that the very rich donate and the candidates collect and spend increasingly large amounts of money on campaigns. And with each decision on campaign financing the current Supreme Court’s conservative majority, with Chief Justice John Roberts in the lead, removes some restrictions on money in politics. We are now at the point where, practically speaking, there are no limits on how much money an individual, a corporation, or a labor union can give to a candidate for federal office (though the unions can hardly compete).

"He has large amounts of money in his bank account" (incorrect)

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Hefty savings can be made when using a currency broker for sending large amounts of money abroad. Typically, they offer superb exchange rates with low margins and often no transaction fees. The business model of these companies involves vast numbers of financial exchange transactions and huge currency turnover. The sheer volume means they are able to keep margins very tight and still make profit. As with many walks of life, it’s best to go with a specialist if you want to receive the best service.

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When you use amount in the plural, you use a plural verb with it. For example, you say 'Large amounts of money were wasted'. Don't say ''.

Keeping large amounts of money in your house rather than in a bank or building society is a bad idea because:
Free thesaurus definition of large amounts of money from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Publishers Limited.Found an answer for the clue Large amount of money that we don't have? Then please to us so we can make the clue database even better!Deposit large amounts of money up to £3,250 to £6,499 into your bank account. Ask the bank teller about the bank's "hold" or delaying of funds policy. Legally, the bank can place a hold for up to six business days on amounts exceeding £3,250. In other words, you may have access to only £3,250 of your deposit until the bank releases the remaining amount.Do you think that it would be a problem for the Australian government to see this large amount of money coming in and almost straight the way out of my account? (knowing that this money is not illegal or anything)I went to see my banker and asked him if it was a problem if a large amount of money came into my account and he said that it was fine on the bank side that they didn't care, but he said that maybe the Australian government would ask me questions or could be a problem…One of the most important things to remember when transferring large amounts of money is that even a small differences in exchange rates between currencies can make a significant difference to the amount of money that you will receive at the other end. For example just a 0.5% improvement on $100,000 is $500! Therefore making sure you get the best exchange rate possible should be of prime concern to the sender.
I am fed up of stuggling and also being ripped off. What are some good ways to earn large amounts of money quickly with little starting costs?

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He spent large amounts of money on the house itself, gothicising its appearance with gargoyles, turrets and panelling.
by Leslie Mitchel, emphasis added

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The key thing about that limit is that it is applied per depositor at each institution. So, an individual who simply splits a larger amount of money into $250,000 increments at the same bank would not receive additional insurance. However, if you split your deposit among multiple banks in increments of $250,000 or less, you would be fully insured because you are entitled to that amount of insurance at each bank.

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With the advent of globalization and flourishing market of remittance, the need to transfer big amount of money is also growing. Transferring large amount of money overseas requires a secure and efficient mode of money transfer.