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Le psychiatre Nicolas Bergeron constate qu'il est malheureux qu'une personne comme Kimveer Gill se soit engagée dans une sorte de cul-de-sac en retournant d'évidentes difficultés relationnelles vers les autres.

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Kimveer Gill said he was'ready for action'

Kimveer Gill said he was'ready for action'

In the meantime, we can’t forget the friends, the relatives, and the lovers of all those people who were harmed by Kimveer Gill a few days ago. They are in our hearts and our prayers, in our thoughts and minds. May peace be upon them, and may all concerned with this tragedy have a speedy recovery.

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Kimveer Gill may have listened to gothic music, and worn black clothing like a goth. But he never understood that ; it’s about transcendence of death. And he may have played every day, but being addicted to one game doesn’t make you a gamer. Though we can’t deny that Kimveer Gill was a member of the freak community, we have to consider him a very poor specimen.

Kimveer Gill described himself in his profile on .com, which is no longer accessible:
Kimveer Singh Gill was the Canadian perpetrator of the Dawson College shooting at Dawson College in Westmount, Quebec, Canada on September 13, 2006. He killed one student and wounded nineteen others before he died by suicide. 'That attack ended with gunman Kimveer Gill taking his own life. Louise De Sousa, Anastasia's mother, said she hoped the garden would provide students with a place for tranquility and reflection. When asked how she felt, five years later,' 'The officer who shot and killed Dawson College gunman Kimveer Gill seven years ago was one of the first responders to a police takedown in downtown Montreal this week.' Around midnight on Wednesday, police confirmed to the media that the suspect was Kimveer Gill, a 25 year-old Laval resident, a graduate from Rosemère Secondary School. An autopsy later revealed that Gill committed suicide after being hit in the arm by police officer Denis Coté's gunfire. The autopsy also revealed that the shooting was premeditated, as a short suicide note was then found on Gill's body. Montreal police confiscated an apology note and five boxes containing 242 bullets from Kimveer Gill's bedroom just hours after he went on a shooting rampage at Dawson College. Kimveer Gill was a 25-year-old born in , . His parents were of descent, and moved to from India in early 1981. The family later settled in the area of Laval, Quebec in 1987. Kimveer attended Twin Oaks Elementary School in Laval from 1988 to 1993.Kimveer Singh Gill (July 9, 1981 – September 13, 2006) was a murderer who perpetrated the at in , , on September 13, 2006. He killed one student and wounded nineteen others before he committed suicide.Kimveer's self-reported love of "Goth" was the topic of media interest, and it was widely reported that the word "Goth", in Kimveer's writings, was a reference to the alternative and rather than a reference to the unrelated and lesser known music. The actual list of favourite bands and music on Gill profile has been described in the media as a "who's who of ". stated, of Kimveer Gill, that he was "not a Goth. Never a Goth. The bands he listed as his chosen form of ear-bashing were relentlessly and standard , and , with some presence.", "Kimveer Gill listened to metal", "He had nothing whatsoever to do with Goth" and further commented "I realise that like many Neos, Kimveer Gill may even have believed he somehow was a Goth, because they're only really noted for spectacularly missing the point." Mercer emphasized that he was not blaming Heavy Metal music for Gill's actions and "It doesn’t matter actually what music he liked."
Kimveer Gill's online profile lists his favourite bands as follow (in actual order):

Kimveer Gill said he was'ready for action'

Then the phone rang. It was a journalist from La Presse. "Are you the mother of Kimveer Gill, who was shot by police?" she recalls him asking. The rest of the family knew from her reaction that the call wasn't good.

In the end, all that was responsible for the actions of Kimveer Gill was Kimveer Gill.

Human Nuggets - Kimveer Gill - Cannibal BBQ sauce.

Police evacuate students at Dawson College in Montreal yesterday afternoon as the lone gunman, Kimveer Gill, 25, lies dead in the foreground, covered by a blanket.

Only one angel of death can dance on the head of this pin of sorrow and that is Kimveer Gill.

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Kimveer Gill’s captions to a photos posted on the VampireFreaks a website reads, "Me again, hope this pic didn’t scare anyone too much." Gill’s last online posting was at 10:41 a.m. Wednesday, shortly before the shootings at Dawson College.