What three things does Kamala insist Siddhartha have if he wants her?

8. List the three accomplishments Siddhartha gains from his time as a samana. What advice does Kamala give Siddhartha in his relationship with the merchant Kamaswami?  He learns to think, wait, and fast. Kamala tells him to be friendly to Kamaswami and also to be his equal.

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What does Kamala want Siddhartha to accomplish before she accepts him as a pupil?

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Kamala: The amount of influence Siddhartha had over Kamala was not too great. The reason for this was because they did not know each other very long and their relationship wasn't based on true friendship or love. Rather, it was lust. However at times, Siddhartha would share what he has learned with her. Also, Siddhartha did influence her to try and understand his ideals. Eventually, she became a follower of Gotama. But really, Kamala controlled Siddhartha most of the time. Kamala is the woman who made him desire to become a rich man. So, his influence was minimal upon Kamala.

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Siddhartha brought fine clothes and shoes, and he gave many gifts to Kamala. For this exchange Kamala gave him knowledge. To please Kamala Siddhartha found work. Siddhartha learned about the vices of lust and gambling.

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6. What does the name Kamala mean? What does Kamala want Siddhartha to accomplish before she accepts him as a pupil? How does Siddhartha respond to her requirements?  Kamala means lotus blossom, which is symbolic of physical love. Siddhartha must get money and fine clothes in order to be acceptable to Kamala. Siddhartha is unconcerned with her demands because the things she wants are much easier to obtain than the lessons he has learned as a samana.

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One day the two ferrymen hear that the Buddha is dying. Kamala, on hearing the news as well, travels with her son to be near Goatama as be passes into eternity. As she sits down to rest in the forest, she is bitten by a snake. She cries for help, and the nearby Vesuveda comes to her aid. The old ferryman takes her back to his hut where Siddhartha immediately recognizes her. The dying Kamala introduces Siddhartha to his son. On recognizing that Siddhartha has finally found the peace he sought for so long, she dies. As Hesse says, "It had been her intention to make a pilgrimage to Goatama...to obtain some peace, and instead she found only Siddhartha, and it was good, just as good as if she had seen the other" (113). Vesuveda and Siddhartha make her funeral pyre as the young boy sleeps.

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