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The novel's emphasis on parallelism and doubling is reflected in its continual juxtaposition of characters, situations, narrative accounts, bodies and time. The pain passed on from mothers to daughters, like that of is often a matter of unconscious repetition, hurt inflicted by mothers who had been hurt themselves. Sophie's sexual phobia and anxiety echoes Martine's own, even as both are set against Brigitte's untroubled sleep. Likewise, reconciliation becomes a matter of reenacting the past, of consciously altering its course by playing out familiar actions with a new understanding of their consequences. Sophie's flight into the cane field during her mother's funeral represents an attempt to physically and symbolically fight back against her mother's rape, just as Martine's own suicide suggests a willful destruction of the rapist who has come to possess her own body. Narrative parallelism is often reflected in a temporal split, as when a newly-arrived Sophie becomes aware, over dinner with her mother and Marc, that Marc embodies Martine's present life even as Sophie represents her past. Further, the twin spirits of invoked throughout the book to suggest the inseparability of two people's bodies, souls and destinies, are set against the vaudou practice of in which the body and spirit split under unbearable pain. Finally, the novel's emphasis on parables informs its sense of meaningful abstraction, the suggestion that local events are incarnations of a broader truth.

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In The Chrysalids, I noticed many instances of juxtaposition of characters

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In this odd juxtaposition of characters, Miss Violet Keith Fraser is seen in the photographer's tent on the night of the Ball with the heir to the Dukedom of Atholl and his younger brother Lord George Murray.

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Less an interventionist's manual, Proust incorporates historical, literary and neuro-scientific evidence to form a rich ethnography of reading. The title itself pays metaphoric homage to both French novelist Marcel Proust and the common squid whose anatomic structure propelled scientific research during the 1950s. Using this juxtaposition of characters and contributions, Wolf alludes to the book's underlying premise: that while decoding text is fundamentally a biological process - a symphonic exchange of neuronal energy - reading amounts to something far more dynamic.

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Exploring the idea of layering participants will use a variety of different colour tissue papers, transparencies, inks and card to create their animations. The final animations will be a wonderful juxtaposition of characters and scenery creating a palimpsest of stories fading and appearing over time. At the end of the session there will be a screening of all the animations made during the workshop for all to see.McLuhan credits (1821-1880) for being 'the first to see in his [last novel] Sentimental Education' (L'Éducation sentimentale, 1869) that the new technique calls for 'the abandonment of the continuity of unilateral narrative in favor of the more profound effects to be achieved by analogical juxtaposition of characters, scenes, and situations without [logical] copula'.
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CHAPTER 2 THE PLAYWRIGHT: CREATING THE SCRIPT The Playwright’s Centrality/Getting Started in Theater: Suzan-Lori Parks/The Playwright’s Tasks/Subject/Focus and Emphasis/Dramatic Purpose/Making Connections: Writers/Structure in Drama/Essentials of Dramatic Structure/Creating a Dramatic Structure/Getting Started in Theater—August Wilson: Playwright/Two Basic Structures: Climactic and Episodic/Play Synopses: Mother Courage and Her Children/Other Dramatic Structures/Creating Dramatic Characters/Types of Dramatic Characters/Juxtaposition of Characters/Summary/Key Terms/

The Persona moral RFC string is integrated by a juxtaposition ofcharacters following the next pattern:

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The book concerns relationships, whether or not our assessment of people liking us is accurate, and whether or not different people have varying assessments of that. There's nice juxtaposition of characters' inner lives with how they present themselves to the world. It reminded me a bit of Walker Percy's —a book I liked less than this one—in that it concerns a guy in a kind of fugue state and headed for a fall. The plot takes you on the journey you expect to be taken on given the characters as you've come to know them. While the focus of the narration switches a handful of times, it stays tightest on Julian English and is convincing writing. Perhaps that's why it's ranked as high as it is... But top 25? No way. Let me just say that expects great things from here on out moving up the list, but this one is just kind of 'meh'; forgettable.

The juxtaposition of characters, within Shirley Jackson's

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Lawrence massacre-inspired artwork ranges from thoroughly researched historical representations to juxtaposition of characters from the day into modern scenes. In nearly all interpretations, mayhem, blood and fire reign supreme.