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The telecommunications industry, along with the invention of mobile phones, has enabled businesses to communicate with each other at any time of the day. The use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services had made it possible for businesses to communicate at lower costs. Video conferencing is another popular practice for global businesses, decreasing the need to travel to different locations in order to conduct meetings.

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In this research work, further discussions will be made in detail including the routes which led to the proliferation of mobile devices, level of growth over the years, how African people have embraced this great technological innovation and conclusively, ways by which we can further improve on them to better the lives of all. The singular reason special interest was taken in this area of research was to fully comprehend how African people have fared since the invention of mobile phones and to an extent, and the Internet which provides a platform upon which these devices are used. Furthermore, this thesis also ascertains the trends regarding the ways these devices are used by different African countries and provides a wider knowledge of how the various telecommunication companies have helped in making their use a worthwhile experience.

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His career includes co-inventing a two-time Emmy Award winning mobile video technology that became the foundation for IEEE 802.11(n) “MIMO” standards. These patents were licensed to virtually all cellular companies and were ultimately purchased by Samsung. In 2014, the patents were at the center of the Apple vs. Samsung II litigation which required Freeman to testify in that landmark case about the concept and invention of mobile video and video streaming technologies. He also co-invented a Mobile RFID location/navigation/asset tracking technology that resulted in two US patents issued with continuation patents pending.

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Cooper’s invention of the mobilephone is a different concept than the car phone, whichhad to be permanently installed in a car. The mobile phone thatwas invented by Cooper was the first phone to be portable. Hismobile phone invention was the first of the analog phones andit was also the first to be able to carry a signal from onetower to another without dropping the call. These first mobilephones were called “bricks” because of their rectangular shapeand heavy weight. They were large, bulky, and heavy, but theywere the first generation of today’s mobile phones.

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The invention of mobile phones began in 1880 with the development of the photophone by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell’s idea to transmit sound via light instead of wiring was well ahead of his time, just as his invention of the standard telephone back in 1876. The subsequent invention of the radiophone (walkie-talkies) by Dan Noble and the car phone gave way to the development of the mobile phone in 1973 by Martin Cooper. The cell phone has since become one of the most utilized and advanced personal technology devices in existence today.

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From a historical point of view location based information are not a new thing which came up with the invention of mobile phones. emphasize that position specific information is also transported on one hand in a person-to person communication by post-it notes and graffiti. On the other hand methods to locally inform a mass-audience are posters (e.g. of concerts in the town) or simply traffic signs, which submit navigational information. These communication forms are usually one way communications. LBS give the possibility of a two way communication and interaction. Therefore the user tells the service provider his actual context like the kind of information he needs, his preferences and his position. This helps the provider of such location services to deliver information tailored to the user needs.