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Poverty-stricken tribesmen in Papua New Guinea will get their introduction to modern technology via something that makes a 2012 smartphone look like a .

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1. Introduction to Modern Motorcycle Technology. 2. Safety First. 3. Tools. 4. Measuring Systems, Fasteners, and Thread Repair. 5. Basic Engine Operation and Configurations. 6. Internal Combustion Engines. 7. Lubrication and Cooling Systems. 8. Fuel Systems. 9. Drives, Clutches, and Transmissions. 10. Two Stroke Engine Top End Inspection. 11. Two Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection. 12. Four Stoke Engine Top End Inspection. 13. Four Stroke Engine Lower End Inspection. 14. Electrical Fundamentals. 15. Charging Systems and DC Circuits. 16. Ignition and Electric Starting Systems. 17. Frames and Suspension. 18. Brakes, Wheels, and Tires. 19. Motorcycle Maintenance and Emission Controls. 20. Motorcycle Troubleshooting.

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Love saw himself, and was seen by his Aboriginal parishioners, as a paternal figure. The Worora gave him and his wife names in their language meaning, not the formal 'Father' and 'Mother' but the affectionate 'Dad' and 'Mum'. He encouraged the preservation of those aspects of tribal life that were compatible with Christianity and strove for a balance between upholding tribal law and maintaining the discipline that he considered necessary for the mission's well-being. With some exceptions, unacceptable practices, while discouraged, were not overtly suppressed. The people gradually changed their ways as they came to understand more of the teaching and example of the missionaries; many of them became Church members. Preaching the gospel, teaching manual skills, educating the children and caring for the helpless were regarded as inseparable elements in a mission that aimed to give the Aborigines a new religious faith and an introduction to modern technology that, Love believed, would make them healthier, happier and better able to survive the impact of contact with white people.

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