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Three years ago, he jointly adopted two children with his partner Jacques*, who is French. The children are blood siblings and from a mixed British-Indian cultural background.

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catering social, welfare and cultural needs of seniors of Indian cultural background

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When considering SB's alleged miracles, it is necessary to bear in mind the Indian cultural background in which SB and his Indian followers were brought up. Indian (and specifically Hindu) religious traditions, which go back thousands of years further than those of the 'West' (although the chronology is still uncertain), include the belief that a devout holy person can apply himself so wholeheartedly to the contemplative life that by a combination of devotion, chanting of mantras, meditation and yogic disciplines he can eventually become endowed with the limited ability to perform certain paranormal feats (or ) for the benefit of his followers. Such allow the creation of small objects, healing, telepathy, and clairvoyance. The condition is that these should not be done for selfish motives like self-glorification nor should they become a distraction from the main task, that of self-realization (or fusion with the Divinity), or from the task of teaching others to progress along the same path.

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HIV/AIDS is a complex topic and is an extremely culturally nuanced issue in a traditionally conservative and heterogeneous Indian cultural background. Research in HIV/AIDS in India has to deal not only with research ethics and legal questions, but also with a subtle, yet undeniable, cultural connotation. Prickly issues like morality and personal biases in sexuality research were dealt with, and often, the participants, who represented a cross-section of the HIV/AIDS researchers in India, came up with their personal experiences and anecdotes that further enriched the discussions.

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Sabah Ali completed her Master’s in Psychology from Houston Baptist University. She joined the Houston Transitions to Wellness and Counseling in August 2015 as a licensed LPC-I and ASOTP under the supervision of Donica Jones. In her therapeutic approach, she believes that each individual is respectively unique in his or her own life. Her treatment approach is customized to bring greater self-awareness, psychological healing, and inner satisfaction. Sabah is a naturalized American who is born to a family with a Pakistani/Indian cultural background. With her diverse cultural background, she is fluent the following languages: English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujrati. Her cultural background has helped her to integrate and understand psychological issues in various standpoints.Nonetheless, Nath grew to genuinely appreciate his dance training: "Growing up in London, I had learned very little about my Indian cultural background. So for me to be in India and to study these classical forms of dance, I felt like I was somehow getting in touch with my culture and even learning more about my religion."I'm talking about . Where in India teachings were simply followed and taught on a whim, in Tibet people became very confused with what they got to see of Buddhism. Teachings did not come with their Indian cultural background automatically explained so all kinds of misunderstandings came up. The situation was in that sense comparable to the situation of Buddhism in the West at present.
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It is important to remember that some American kids of Indian cultural background may be poor spellers, lazy, perhaps uninterested in competition, or perhaps just interested in other things--Engineering contests. Science fairs. Filmmaking. They are normal human beings. Spelling is only one kind of excellence. It's actually relatively simple: memorize words.

All intellectuals are influenced by it including those of Indian cultural background

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To understand the significance of the multifold contributions of Manaveda to literature, music and art, it is necessary to have a broad perspective of the Indian cultural background [1, 7], landmarks in early Malayalam Literature and the major historical events during this period [8].

The aim was to assess convergence validity of QOLI (modified as per the Indian cultural background)

India is one of the world's oldest civilizations

Recognizing the cultural differences and demands, Indian Senior Citizens Association of ACT Inc aims to cater for the social, welfare and cultural needs of aged persons of Indian cultural background. It was established in 1998. The main missions of the organization are: