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Chinese comedian and writer AnnaChen. Anna talked us through the ways in which her own comedic practice aims tochallenge and dismantle cultural stereotypes. Offering a brief overview of thedifferences between Chinese and British comedy, she explored the politicalimportance of humour and emphasized its subversive potential. A lively debatefollowed, in which issues regarding offence, shock, and cultural context wherediscussed in relation to this political dimension of comedy.

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Importance of humourHaving a sense of humour is beneficial in many aspects of life, including:

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Conclusion: Understanding nurses’ perceptions and experiences of humour helps identify its contributingfactors and provides valuable guidelines for enhancing nurses and patients’ mental, emotionaland physical health. Spreading a culture of humour through teaching methods can improveworkplace cheerfulness and highlights the importance of humour in patient care in nurses and nursingstudents.

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“He pioneered world first research projects to prove the beneficial impact of laughter to health and wellbeing and educated the national and international community about the importance of humour in our lives and indeed to our health.

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The study states that, when it comes to rating the importance of humour, “women want it all, not just a mate who will make them laugh, but one who will appreciate her own humour.” Humour is a cognitive, emotional, behavioural, psychological and social phenomenon (,). It is an inseparable part of daily life, and at times it is regarded as a means of dealing with one’s problems, and a generally positive and universal experience for people from different cultural and social backgrounds around the world () and is defined as a person’s ability to appreciate the funny side of a situation (). The importance of humour in nursing care was introduced four decades ago (). Coser was the first to posit that humour is related to disease and the stress of hospitalization for patients. The results from his study revealed that humour is a means for managing threatening situations like hospitalization (). Thereafter, the potency of humour in reducing patients’ stress was gradually recognized; hence, it is currently an established nursing research field (). Researchers currently consider humour as an acceptable practice in nursing care (). Henderson argued that humour and laughter among patients and health workers can be as good as, or surpass treatment () while, for Yura and Walsh, humour and wit help broaden patients and nurses’ outlook on life (). According to Robinson (1997), in nursing care, the goals of humour enable the development of relationships, anxiety relief, anger using socially acceptable means, learning and avoidance or denial of hurt ().
The more stressful your workplace is, the more seriously you need to take the importance of humor.

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“The English do not have any sort of global monopoly on humour, but what is distinctive is the sheer pervasiveness and supreme importance of humour in English everyday life and culture. In other cultures, there is ‘a time and a place’ for humour. Among the English it is a constant, a given – there is always an undercurrent of humour. Virtually all English conversations and social interactions involve at least some degree of banter, teasing, irony, wit, mockery, wordplay, satire, understatement, humorous self-deprecation, sarcasm, pomposity-pricking or just silliness.

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‘Humour, emotion, and cognition’ examines the relation of humour to emotion and cognition and begins by considering whether comic amusement is an emotion. By considering comic amusement as an emotion, the insights of psychologists and philosophers of mind can be exploited by exploring the ways in which comic amusement fits that model. By means of this framework, we are led smoothly not only to an examination of the cognitive and affective dimensions of humour, but also to a discussion of the importance of humour in terms of the service humour performs to vital human interests.

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The Bibles and its theologians give scant regard to the importance of humour as a necessity for our survival in this life. Not only that, but rules, mores and laws have been instituted to prevent religious jocularity. They come under the heading of blasphemy. Religions are oh such serious affairs, so much so, that the 'faithful' find it extremely difficult to even laugh at themselves.