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Shramdaan is the first event, with which students begin their 2 year's journey of MBA course in PUMBA. Its an event that teaches students, importance of hardwork and teamwork. Entire MBA batch gears up to make every corner of campus clean and tidy. The day ends with a game of tug-of-war which is symbolic representation of unity and teamwork.

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Importance Of Hardwork That hard work is a key to success is a well-known adage

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I hope it will motivate the reader to realize the importance of hardwork and will encourage them to keep on working on the things which is under their control.

Michael Colyar explains the importance of hardwork

This book examines the entrepreneurial mindset of Hispanic– Latinos in the United States. With limited literature on the subject, the authors created a pioneering book that captures the viewpoints of real-life Hispanic–Latino entrepreneurs. Using a 15-item questionnaire, the authors obtained information on entrepreneurial intent, goals, and business strategies utilized. This book highlights real world business experiences, including challenges relating to entrepreneurial pursuits, and the importance of hardwork, discipline, and a positive mindset in the success of an enterprise.

Importance of Hardwork
Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa says President Aquino will not use any gimmicks in his SONA, unlike former President Arroyo, who used three poor children to dramatize the problems of the country. Instead, Aquino’s SONA will be more optimistic. To underscore the importance of hardwork and loyalty, he’ll use the four Abads in government.
Success needs are right about that. I hope more people will realize the importance of hardwork. Tnx.

Here they really stress the importance of hardwork and dedication

At Sudarshan Netralaya
Amreli, September 4 & 5, 2009
Parameter Team consisting of Dr. G. Natchiar, Vice-Chairman and Director HRD, AECS, Dr. Kalpana Narendran, Mentor of Sudarshan Netralaya and Senior Medical Officer, AEH Coimbatore, Mr. Gnanasekaran, HR Manager AMECS, visited Sudarshan Netralaya. Mrs. and Mr. Jayesh Shanghvi, trustees of Sudarshan Netralaya, Amreli were also present during the meeting. As per the schedule all the departments presented their parameter.
A meeting was arranged with all the staff members in which Dr. G. Natchiar explained about the genesis of Aravind and AECS. She emphasised the importance of hardwork and dedication as the guiding spirit of achieving something new and beautiful. During the meeting with MLOPs Dr. G. Natchiar appreciated the efforts put in by the MLOP team in making Sudarshan known to all in around Saurashtra region. In her message to sisters she highlighted the role of MLOPs as the core in the success of Aravind. She also showed a video of a handicapped women having no arms but managing the day to day activities with ease.

After receiving his overall trophy, Copeland reminded the audience the importance of hardwork, determination and staying drug free.

I hope more people will realize the importance of hardwork

I was raised in a bicultural home by a Latina mother who instilled the importance of hardwork. We celebrated the arts, literature and culture with our familia across the border.

Its an event that teaches students, importance of hardwork and teamwork

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“Today is, indeed, an auspicious moment for we shall witness the sealing of the security bond between and among instrumentalities for progress... I am hopeful that this partnership remains as we continue maintaining peace and fostering peace in the province. If anything, this collaboration has proven that in order to reach elusive ambitions we must emphasize the importance of hardwork and cooperation.”