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Part One discusses the impact of illiteracy on employment, crime, standard of living, consumer rights, citizen's rights, education, lifestyle choices, and health risks. Cleckler talks about the size of the problem and the reasons this is not acknowledged. He provides facts and figures on the monetary cost of illiteracy and its causes worldwide.

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The Social and Economic Impact of Illiteracy

Des maux illisibles is an interactive essay that portrays illiteracy in Quebec through the testimony of three illiterate : Mathieu, 18 years old, Sylvie, a 52 years old woman looking for a job and Diane, 42 and struggling with health problems. Each of these three examples reveals the daily reality of those who can neither read nor write. Their stories also leads us to think about the causes as well as social and economic impacts of illiteracy in three critical areas for the future of our society: education, employment and health.

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• Visited the Rotary Club of Grosse Point AM for breakfast
• Attended the weekly meetings of the host club, Rotary Club of Detroit; we also provided a formal address to the club yesterday on the economic and social impacts of illiteracy and Rotary’s role in this area;
• We will attend and present at the morning meeting of the Rotary Club of Dearborn which is a fund raiser for the literacy organisation we are working with on 28 March.

The impact of illiteracy is devastating
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The crushing impact of illiteracy

This document presents the results of a pilot study by ECLAC and UNESCO Santiago on the social and economic impact of illiteracy in three Latin American countries (Ecuador, Dominican Republic and the State of Sao Paulo in Brazil).

The study concluded that the comparison of income between literate and illiterate groups, using information from household surveys, is a relatively simple and reliable method. In all the analysed cases, there was a significant difference in labour income earned by the illiterate and the literate; as the education gap widens among groups, so does the difference in income. The authors, Rodrigo Martínez and Andrés Fernandez, demonstrate that the loss of productivity (labour income) generated by illiteracy is high enough that its eradication should be considered not only a social goal but an economic priority that brings net benefits by generating its own financial resources. Therefore, the eradication of illiteracy should be considered an investment rather than a cost.

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As well as inform the local people about bad impacts of illiteracy and create attention

about the negative impacts of illiteracy and early marriage

In the first part of this book, Mr Cleckler outlines the impacts of illiteracy and talks about the size of the problem as well as some of the reasons why this is not acknowledged. In the second part, Mr Cleckler describes a solution, as well as issuing a challenge to the reader. Bob Cleckler makes a case for spelling reform, which is articulated clearly and documented meticulously in this book.

impacts of illiteracy which has been linked to poverty, disease and exclusion

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I CAN FLY International (ICFI) was developed in an effort to provide literacy education programs, life skills, raise awareness toward health issues and offer special services to people living in small villages throughout the Machakos District of Kenya. The goal of its programs include, reducing the negative impacts of illiteracy, creating economic growth, and expanding female participation in the workforce locally, regionally and nationally for family stability and poverty