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Division Avenue's Humanitarian Club celebrated a Night of Awareness on April 18th. The club members, working in groups, represented different regions of the world, such as Latin America and Southern Asia. Each group researched a particular region and created PowerPoint presentations and tri-fold visuals about the issues facing the region and charities or relief agencies that work to solve the problems. Authentic cuisine was served from each region to give guests a little taste of the native culture.

2012-2013 District 13-A Humanitarian Club Award

2011-2012 District 13-A Humanitarian Club Award

2010-2011 District 13-A Humanitarian Club Award

“We just want to thank all the people who donated food during ‘Trick or Eat’ on behalf of the Humanitarian Club students who were out there collecting. They said the support they received from the community was just incredible.”

World at Large Humanitarian Club, Toronto, ON

Right now, St. Martin and Deacon said there are about 15 students in the Humanitarian Club from Grades 6 to 8 and new members are always welcome.

For their next project the Humanitarian club is holding a bake sale for the students and staff of their Wednesday, Nov. 13 lunch break.
- The Fitch High School Humanitarian Club is a club / group of students who come together with ideas and projects to assist local and global communities and promote human rights. We are involved with local community projects such as helping with local YMCA family nights / fairs to global communities with Haitian Food Drives. I have a dream to make Lawrence once again the City of the Promise. Citizens should not be judged by society or any neighboring city. Their involvement with the community goes beyond expectations and the Youth of Lawrence had explored the many opportunities that the city has given them for many years. We want to seek all the organizations and non-profit that need support. Proud to say that the Humanitarian Club has been successful throughout the years with the number of students involved. Giving back to the community of Lawrence one step at the time with no rest. Weekends after weekends getting involved in many projects to make our city of the promise a better place for the upcoming generation.There are many opportunities for the Humanitarian Club to get involved, including: providing aid at local foodbanks, participating in hunger drives, swimming and raising money for multiplesclerosis, bringing smiles to others through pet visits with the Hands OnCharlotte organization.The Humanitarian Club will also be delivering snacks to students at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, Mondays through Thursdays, July 6 through August 6. Members of the Humanitarian Club will volunteer time in the morning hours to organize and deliver food to students in their classrooms.
The Humanitarian Club gives you the freedom to put your skills and passion to work

Humanitarian Club - Avon Grove School District

The Humanitarian Club strives to bring together those who have a common interest in giving back to the community, and to promote and cultivate these interests into a constructive outlet which gives the members valuable skills to accomplish their personal goals and help others do the same.

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Humanitarian club name???please!

The Kennett High School Humanitarian Club has initiated a new summer program called “Books, Bytes, and Bites” at the high school. The club is also volunteering at Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center to assist students there.

Dowling College: Student Life - Humanitarian Club

Humanitarian Club - Mrs. Harvey

The World At Large (WAL) Humanitarian Club at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario, has dedicated its efforts to
educating our community about important local and global issues. For the past several years, we have focused our attention on fundraising and raising awareness about the importance of literacy and education in developing countries. We are honoured to be a part of Librarian Without
Border’s initiative in Guatemala to build a community library and are very excited to be able to donate to such a great cause. On behalf of the entire WAL club, we hope that even the smallest contribution will benefit those in need in the biggest way.