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In other words, if your child is making good use of after school time to further his interests and building his strengths, then homework is unnecessary. On the other hand, if your child is spending all his free time after school on social media or watching TV, then homework can be helpful.

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Why Homework Is Unnecessary: A List Of Strong Arguments

If I were you, I would give the teacher a copy of the book “The Homework Myth” by Alfie Kohn and see if that helps her to understand why homework is unnecessary and even dangerous.

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Homework has been the center of attention and debate for long. While some schools and education systems is voluminously in support of it; there is an alternative school of thought that thinks homework is unnecessary burdening kids and depriving them of their preparation time.

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homework Not everyone agrees that homework is unnecessary for young children

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I agree. Homework is unnecessary in elementary school. Drop all the busy work and PC subjects, and there is plenty of time during the school day.

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“If children are not required to learn useless and meaningless things, homework is entirely unnecessary for the learning of common school subjects. But when a school requires the amassing of many facts which have little or no significance to the child, learning is so slow and painful that is school is obliged to turn to the home for help out of the mess the school has created.”

Well, as a student myself, I feel doing homework is unnecessary unless I'm to learn something

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