Adam was a huge Hokie fan and a Virginia Tech graduate.

I chose Virginia Tech because I've been a Hokie fan my whole life. I felt a strong bond with the swimmers and was drawn in by the unity of the team. The coaches were supportive and I can't wait to be part of the team. I'm so proud to be a part of the Hokie Nation!

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Dr. Conner is a native of Forest, VA. and an avid Hokie fan, he graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise in 2010. Brandon then earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy as part of the inaugural class of Lynchburg College's DPT Program in 2013. His special interests include general orthopedics, golf-specific performance and rehabilitation as well as manual therapy. In his spare time, he enjoys competitive golf as well as spending time with family and friends.

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They grow like weeds! Not much more than a year later, and Cait is visiting Auntie Shannon and Sandy (the original Salty Dog) at VA Tech. Once a Hokie fan, always a Hokie fan...oh, how we loved those trips to Blacksburg, which we only had to curtail because....

C'mon Hokie fans, we all know a cavalier or two that is DICK for sure. This is a must have for any Virginia Tech student or young at heart fan. Remember: DON'T BE A DICK (or a Cavalier fan)!Chris Colston, one of the biggest Hokie fans I know, has put together an unbelievable magazine, “Hokie Football Annual,” previewing the Virginia Tech 2010 football season. Copies are currently available on line or, better yet, you can save the mailing and stop by one of our two offices and pick up a copy for just $19.95 plus tax. We have offices at 1633 West Main Street in Salem, right next to Auto Zone, and at 302 West Main Street in Christiansburg, which is the old Domino’s building.If you are a Hokie fan, a REAL Hokie fan, here’s something you can’t do without. And as Billy Mays used to say, “YOU CAN GET IT TODAY AT A BARGAIN PRICE IF YOU ACT NOW!!!”It’s been a passion of love. Colston, who has written four books about Virginia Tech football, wanted to put together something that real Hokie fans would treasure, and from his travels he knew the market was out there. This isn’t a media guide, but a book about Tech football.This is a quality item. Colston grew up in a sports family, his dad is local high school radio legend Jim (Colston) Carroll, and Chris has always been a big Hokie fan. He broke into this business with our company as a writer for the New Castle Record, and he quickly moved up the ladder.a fluke. the hokies have never beaten a number one team. coach beamer is 0 and 8 all time against number one. justin ward joins me now. he's been out and about in the parking lots today. he checked in with lots of tailgaters. some of them have been out here since early this morning around breakfast time. justin, my question is what's the best tailgate food you've sampled today? i've never been offered so much food in my life. what i really wanted to sample wasn't ready yet - smoked chicken and ribs. these folks are serious about preparing for tonight's big game even if it means losing sleep. these virginia tech students started partying early this morning getting pumped for the game. after sunday's brad paisley concert on campus most of them are running on pure adrenaline. sam brush/virginia tech sophomore: " think i got about two hours last night." others are glad classes were canceled. nick battitori had a hard time focusing last week. nick battitori/virginia tech junior: "th whole campus is just very electric right now. everyone is super excited for this game." it's the day hokies and buckeyes have waited for since last year's upset. people who weren't partying spent most of the day getting to a tailgate. bill bowser drove his virginia tech vintage truck to campus. bill bowser: "it's 1954 chevy." from the embossed seats to the throwback hokie bird on the back, this is an attention grabber. bill boswer: "i'v always been a milder behind the scenes person and when we did this we wanted something that said look at us." this big contraption is also getting attention from fans. david hastman/virginia tech fan: "we've go two boston butts in here, beef brisket, three racks of ribs going." "eight chickens, bee can chickens." this group started before nine this morning smoking the food, and getting it ready for dinner just before the game. "this only comes ou for the big games. ohio state. we probably won't bring it out next weekend." even the buckeyes brought a big spread. if you look close right on their red and white ohio shirts you'll see familiar colors supporting the wdbj7 family. kay mcfee/ohio state fan: "we al got together on the tailgate and honor their memory. they were two bright shining journalists." this group barely has any ties to virginia tech, but they wanted to remember adam ward and alison parker during their visit to blacksburg. "it goes to show yo that we are family. we all have one purpose and that is make each other happy. smile." and when all those hokie fans enter lane stadium after preparing all day for the game they'll get some more fan gear. this morning virginia tech laid out thousands of pom- poms on seats to help fans cheer on the hokies. live in blacksburg, justin ward, wdbj7 roanoke
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BLACKSBURG - To kick off the 2014 season, the Virginia Tech football team will host a special fan day experience to give Hokie fans a unique opportunity to interact with their favorite players and coaches. On Saturday, Aug. 9, the team will take part in Fan Appreciation Day inside . The event is free of charge and gates will open at 11:30 a.m.

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Outside of her academic life, Tiffany enjoys traveling, running, volunteering, photography, exploring Blacksburg with her husband and dog, visiting her hometown in Pennsylvania, and being a Hokie fan.

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Are you a dog owner? If so, you know how much fun it is to take our four-legged friends to games where we’re able to, or just for a walk around campus! We love our canine friends, and they can now be outfitted in while you are enjoying that Virginia Tech game. Transform your dog into the second biggest Hokies fan that you know – second to you, of course!