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During the chamber scene, Hamlet shows an insane side to not only his mother, but everyone else in the play. Hamlet clearly demonstrates how insane he is after killing Polonius and showing no remorse for his death. Another example of Hamlets insanity is during the chamber scene, when Hamlet’s talking to his mother, the ghost appears talking to Hamlet, but the queen couldn’t see the ghost, only Hamlet could see his fathers ghost. These examples show how crazy, and insane Hamlet is not only in the chamber scene, but throughout the play.

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On this question there are four different hypotheses: (1) That Hamlet was throughout perfectly sane, but feigned insanity; (2) that Hamlet was after his interview with the Ghost more or less insane; (3) that in Hamlet insanity was latent, but was only fully developed after the Court-play; (4) that Hamlet was neither insane, nor feigned to be so.

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To think that Hamlet become insane at one occasion or another would be misunderstanding the reason why he decided to put on the mask of insanity in the first place. He had a plan set in place and there is nothing to suggest that he lost the plot at any point during the play. He had to face various adversities and setbacks all throughout the play but even when he was on his way to England he stuck to his original plan and was not willing to give up. Once his suspicions were confirmed, there was no going back for him. Even though it would be easy to assume for readers that Hamlet had gone mad at some point in the play, Shakespeare had made sure that the audience does not make the same mistake as some of the characters.

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The forensic expert’s opinion was based on DSM and the Folger text of Hamlet,12 both of which he seemed to have committed to memory. He concluded that Hamlet suffered from rapid cycling bipolar disorder, and he retrieved from the text exact quotes that met DSM criteria and substantiated his view that Hamlet was insane. The jury, which included Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, found Hamlet sane. I am told that forensic experts reviewing the testimony from their professional perspective considered that result inexplicable.

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