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Georgia only counts AP CS towards high school graduation, no other computer science classes. It counts as a science, because the math lobby in Georgia is very strong. I had a conversation with someone from the Mathematics Division in the Georgia Department of Education about a proposal (from Kennesaw State University here in Georgia) to count AP CS as a math class. She was convinced that if students took computer science in their senior year, instead of calculus, then they would have forgotten all their math by the time that they got to college. I did find out that students who took AP CS instead of Calculus for their fourth year math course did have a harder time getting into Georgia Tech — Colleges value Calculus very highly.

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Coach O’Leary recruited in a different time. Most of his star players would not sniff getting into Georgia Tech now or they would be limited by the number of exceptions and only able to take a couple. The world is a lot different now too. During O’Leary’s time, the ACC was a lot closer to the SEC in national and regional perception. Gailey had one strong year and a string of terrible classes and he had some scholarship and APR issues inherited from O’Leary so he was a lot worse except for his one big class in 2007. Coach Johnson took a while to understand how to deal with Georgia Tech, the recruiting restrictions and salary and manpower restraints. They have hired more people for the recruiting office (it was one guy until two years ago) and the core of his staff has remained the same. Those factors pay off in better recruiting.

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