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It takes a very small amount of empathy and imagination to understand others points of view. The fact that some people have used credit at christmas does not make them silly and does not mean that they have spoilt their children terribly or spent a huge amount rashly. In the present economic climate I am surprise it isn't more than 1 in 3. I've been on maternity leave since April so I haven't been able to save for xmas, but I am still not buying presents on credit or getting myself into debt. I saved up my Boots advantage points and bought pretty much all my presents in Boots for free I have a 2.5 year old and a 7 month old, so i'd have to be pretty stupid to get myself into debt buying presents for children who don't even know what christmas is!

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Experience tells us that women who get into debt in one of three main ways:

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No one ever wants to get into debt. It comes from spending money you don't have. This could be for frivolous reasons, or you may've had a horrible change in circumstances, like a partner dying, personal illness, divorce, mental health problems or losing your job (see the full for hints and tips if you have lost your job).

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The below is designed primarily to prevent people from getting into debt crisis, rather than for those already there. Much of the information won't be applicable, but it's worth scanning through for five minutes to see if anything is relevant. It may allow you to meet your minimum outgoings and thus avoid your crisis snowballing out of control.

If you only buy what you  - not what you  - you will never get into debt.
Struggling with debt can be really worrying, so it's best to avoid getting into debt in the first place if at all possible. Here are a few tips that could help:It's hard to understand how much you have - and how much you spend - until you make a budget. Figure out how much you earn each month, then how much you spend on essential costs (like your mortgage or rent and bills). If there's money left over after these costs have been accounted for, this is your disposable income. You can use this how you like, but if you're trying to avoid getting into debt, it's best to be careful with it and try to get some savings put aside for a rainy day.This is probably the biggest single tip for staying out of debt. You basically get into debt when you spend more money than you actually have - and debt problems can arise if you find that you can't pay it back. So if you want something, whether it's a new TV or a holiday, see if you can save up for it. You may not have enough at the moment, but if you don't need it immediately, just start saving! It can be more rewarding to pay for something with money you've worked hard for, and you won't have to worry about paying it back. The best way to avoid never-ending pressure from creditors to repay overdue bills is to not let the bills become overdue in the first place -- or better yet, to avoid getting into debt at all (to the extent possible). Even though credit cards, mortgage loans, and car payments are a virtual necessity in the lives of most consumers today, minimizing debt and avoiding overdue bills are in everyone's best interests. Following are some tips on avoiding debts and staying out of trouble with creditors.
I don't get why anyone would get into debt for a wedding either...as well as Christmas.

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There are hundreds of articles out there about debt: How to get out of debt, how to stay out of debt, how to prevent yourself from going into debt, and so on and so forth. But rarely will you stumble across an article that actually tells you the best ways to get into debt. It's time to end the discrimination and give people who want to get into debt a list of tips and tricks to ensure they successfully achieve their financial goal! Let's face it, frivolous spending and breaking all the traditional, stay-out-of-debt rules can be fun and the stress associated with being in debt can be exhilarating for many people.

I'll be damned if I have to get into debt again, especially for Christmas.

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“Yeah, right,” you’re thinking. Who’d want to get into debt fast? Well, thousands of people go to payday lenders every month and do exactly that. They have an emergency need for cash, and don’t know where to turn. All those television ads and radio commercials made it sound easy – and it is – easy to get into debt, that is.

Regardless of how you got into debt, it's agreed that it's definitely easier to get into debt than it is to get out of it.

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There are so many reasons people get into debt and yes, it all plays a part on you. Make sure that you stash away at least six months of emergency money. This is the best thing that you can do. If you can save, insure yourself and live well below your means, you will be okay in this world and debt should never enter your picture.