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When looking for that famous sports star autograph, why not buy an autographed card? Virtually all the big stars will sign for Topps and Upper Deck and appear in many sets throughout the year. These autographed cards can be found on ebay, often times for far less then an autographed ball or jersey might sell for. Also, you know the autographs are real! These companies have a huge amount of interest at stake in making sure that the cards are indeed authentic. Imagine if it turned out that some of the LeBron James 2003/04 SPx Rookie Cards were fake autographs? Wow, Upper Deck would have a public relations nightmare. It would be HUGE hobby news and could have serious negative ramifications. Upper Deck and Topps take great care in making sure that these cards are indeed signed by the player and often times have company representives witnessing the autogaphs sessions themselves.

Some athletes have exclusive autographed deals. For example, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant all have exclusive deals with Upper Deck. Meaning you won't find any current James, Bryant or Jordan autographs coming out of a Topps product. Also, be carefull when you find an autographed ball or jersey of one of these players and it's NOT authenticated by UDA. Jordan, James, and Woods have had long-term deals with U.D. and I would stay away from items that are not UDA.

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No, you don’t have to be a famous sports star or showbiz celebrity to carry the Olympic torch.

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Yao Ming is probably China’s most famous sports star. He plays basketball for the China national team and for the Houston Rockets in America. He is currently the tallest player in the NBA, measuring 2.29 metres. His mother and father stand at 1.90 and 2.01 metres. Yao has been China’s richest celebrity for over five years and has helped Chinese-US relations.

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"I was dating someone special for a while, but I decided to end things. He was a very famous sports star here in the US and the pressures were starting to creep in," she said.

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A comedy panel show for with the focus firmly on sport.

A League Of Their Own takes its cue from sporting obsession and sets two teams of comedians, celebrities and sports stars against each other in a test of their sporting knowledge. From record breaking feats to headline grabbing events, the show is stuffed with the kind of sensational take home facts that sports fans just love to quote.

The show tackles questions like - "which footballers spent the most on their wedding?" and "Can you arrange David James' haircuts in chronological order?"

Across a number of rounds, the teams' sporting knowledge is put to the ultimate test. A League Of Their Own takes its cue from sports fans' obsession with lists and stats and the first round sees the teams arrange three possible answers into their order of preference.

Regular rounds include 'Guest List', in which the teams must come up with the same answers a famous sports star has given in response to a question about their profession; and 'Human Clock', the ultimate test of knowledge and stamina: the team must answer as many questions correctly as is possible in the time that one or more of them can endure a tough physical challenge.

It's red v blue, Redknapp v Flintoff, and no one wants to be on the losing side. Who'll have the last laugh and claim victory, proving they're truly in a league of their own?

In Series 5, Jack Whitehall joined the blue team as a regular panellist as Georgie Thompson reduced her appearances (due to her Formula 1 hosting duties), as did John Bishop (due to other filming commitments).

Series 10: 8 more episodes have been filmed, to be shown later in the year. This new tenth outing will see the teams tackle a range of activities as they prove, once again, they really are in a league of their own.

American Road Trip: Also coming up later in the year is this three-part special. The four boys head stateside on the trip of a lifetime. James is also a star in the US these days, so when Jamie, Freddie and Jack head across the Atlantic to be reunited with their mate, they embark on an all-American boys adventure.

James has planned a 1,000-mile road trip for his pals as he challenges them to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas via San Francisco and Yosemite Valley in the ALOTO RV. Along the way, the trio will take in the stunning scenery, as well as undertaking a number of typically American activities with points being awarded to the winner and a nerve-jangling forfeit in store for the loser. As the boys do (friendly) battle on the ultimate bonding experience, they'll be reunited with James in Sin City for an unforgettable finale to their trip.Yao Ming is China’s most famous sports star. He plays basketball for the China team and for the Houston Rockets in America. He is currently the tallest player in the NBA, measuring 2.29 metres. His mother and father stand 1.90 and 2.01 metres. Yao has been China’s richest celebrity for over five years and has helped Chinese-US .
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His name is especially controversial in Rhode Island, where Schilling persuaded legislators to stake him to $75 million in small-business loan aid. An investment that could have been spread to dozens of small business, but instead went to a famous sports star, is all gone - and taxpayers who were left with the bill want answers, as do their elected leaders.

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This list contains information about who are also accomplished fine artists, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous , tennis players, and track and field athletes are also painters, photographers, and creative artists. One famous sports star has even designed album covers for popular musicians. Though you know these famous people for their achievements in the world of sports, their artistic skills might surprise you!

Who is the who is also an artist? Serena Williams tops our list. She has taken painting lessons, and in 2013, she debuted her series of paintings. NBA player Tyson Chandler dabbles in photography when he is off the court, as does Usain Bolt, when he isn't on the track winning Olympic medals.

NBA player Jeremy Evans combined his love of painting with his love of basketball by creating a painting of himself dunking and then actually dunking over the painting. NFL player Todd Marinovich started an online gallery of his sports-themed paintings, murals, and sculptures, and many other artistic athletes have presented exhibits of their artwork as well.

Which athletes are also artists? Click through the list below to find out!

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This website has information about famous sports stars in every sport. Olympic athletes, professional sports stars, and personalities are all included here. On this website you can read about the your favorite sport, or learn about a new sport. Whether you're interested in historically important athletes like Olympic track-and-field legend or modern sports heroes like , you'll find it here.