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This study introduces Internet Dependency Relations (IDR) as a predictor of online consumer activities. IDR is based on the theoretical perspective of Media System Dependency theory, which postulates dependency relations between individuals and media based on the perceived helpfulness of media in meeting understanding (social/self), orientation (action/interaction) and play (social/solitary) goals. Using a cross-sectional email survey of 166 respondents randomly drawn from the faculty, staff, and student population at a large mid-western university in the United States, the predictive influence of IDR on online shopping, chatting, and news reading was empirically tested. On average, consumers in the survey had bought eight products online in the last six months, spent twenty-one minutes daily reading news online, and chatted ten minutes daily on the Internet. They also displayed moderate, though positive dependency relations with the Internet. IDR significantly explained online shopping activities and online news reading, but did not predict online chatting. In terms of specific IDR goal dimensions, the predictive influence of action orientation on online shopping, solitary play on online chatting, and social understanding on online news reading was confirmed.

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Our study also focused on the extent to which Internet Dependency Relations influenced online shopping, chatting, and news reading. At this stage of the Internet's development, IDR appears to be a moderate determinant of behavioral responses. In the case of online shopping, the study is consistent with previous research findings that suggest demographic variables are not significant in explaining online shopping variance. However, statistical significance alone is not sufficient to draw conclusions about the predictive strength of IDR, considering the low R square, and future replications are necessary to investigate the impact of IDR intensity on online behaviors, considering the criticality of the Internet-user interface in the commercial world.

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Studies using demographic variables to explain online shopping behavior have often reported conflicting or confusing results. While Li, Kuo, and Russell (1999) found age and education level played an important role in online shopping, as did consumers' shopping orientation, Bellman, Lohse, and Johnson (1999) considered demographics an imperfect surrogate to explain online purchasing. They found that while demographics explained why people were online in the first place when compared to the national U.S. population, they did not significantly predict online purchase behavior. Donthu (1999) observed that distinction was often not made between online users and online shoppers. His study found online shoppers to be older, more affluent, with a positive attitude towards advertising and direct marketing, less price and brand conscious and largely convenience seekers. A Forrester Research Report (1999) suggested otherwise: younger consumers (40%) bought more frequently on the Internet as compared to more mature adults (30%); and fully 62% of all young U.S. consumers were likely to shop online by 2003. A variety of studies have also pointed out the increasing online shopping sophistication of today's 16-22 year olds, as evidenced by their use of various aids such as price comparison web sites and online coupons to buy a wide variety of products on the Internet.

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TAM is one of theories that most commonly used to explain online shopping behavior (Limayem,

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