6. Is India an example of overpopulation, as H. asserts?

A classic example of overpopulation is life on the ground in California these days. It’s not just a drought, it’s human overload. We can’t fix it with desalination plants and other schemes. Governor Brown finally alluded to population limits in a 2015 speech but scientists have been warning about it all along. Dumb, average people can’t comprehend that the world is finite. They think big = infinite, literally.

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What are some examples of overpopulated animals

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Besides providing a theoretical approach to the question, Marx also dealt with thehistorical example of Ireland, which Malthusians cited as a classic example ofoverpopulation. Marx took another tack entirely. He argued that the massive exodus ofpeople following the potato famine did not improve the standard of living in Ireland. Itmirrored a decline that began before 1846, the year of the famine. The depopulation ofIreland was engineered by an English and Irish landlord class that transformed the islandfrom a wheat-producing nation, protected from foreign competition by the corn laws, into ahuge pasture for wool-producing sheep.

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Perhaps the most dramatic and best documented example of overpopulation destroying a local environment, and the culture dependent upon it, is Easter Island. This small island in the South...

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A classic example of overpopulation is life on the ground in California these days

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In spite of , I read Dan Brown’s recent novel Inferno. I did this not for its literary quality or as a travel guide but as an example of overpopulation fears. In order to discuss his views -- if they are his own -- on overpopulation I am going to have to give much of the plot away. If you’d rather not know, please close this page.

The deer is seen by some as an example of overpopulation in Staten Island

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the world is getting overpopulated and use China as #1 example of overpopulation

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