For an example of heuristics you can check out this library :

So here it is, some examples of heuristics. Anything can be an heuristic as long as it helps your algorithm perform better, and it's what makes them so hard to grasp: they're not deterministic. Another point with heuristics: they're supposed to lead to quick and dirty results of the real stuff, so there's a trade-of between their execution time and their accuracy.

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Example of scarcity heuristic in action.

Here are real two examples of this heuristic in use

Grand amounts of knowledge - For example, how many different sorting strategies do you know? I remember a few taught in school like bubble, shell, quick, heap, and merge, so there is the chance that by absorbing ridiculous amounts of knowledge you could have the list of various heuristics to try to solve a problem. Example of heuristics here would include being greedy, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, and use of specialized data structures. In some cases, just knowing a ton of stuff that be enough to think in a box bigger than someone initially thought. ;-)

See Figure 3 for an example of heuristics

An example of heuristics for a special situation; in this case, for websites on mobile phones. We're not saying these are the best; just good examples.

Examples of Heuristics:
Examples of heuristics:

Example of Heuristics Description File

What are concrete examples (e.g. Alpha-beta pruning, example:tic-tac-toe and how is it applicable there) of heuristics. I already saw an answered question about what heuristics is but I still don't get the thing where it uses estimation. Can you give me a concrete example of a heuristic and how it works?

Table 3: Example of heuristics obtained for each instance set using Grammar 3

A good example of heuristics can be found in [13]

Other examples of heuristics that we frequently use are the availability heuristic, Take The Best (TTB) heuristic and the representativeness heuristic.

Example of Heuristics -- levels of influence, contexts, concepts, constituents and dimensions; 55

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It also gives an example of heuristics, which can be used to adapt content to a CC/PP profile, thus giving some guidelines for those who want to use CC/PP to implement content adaptation. It also serves to provide vocabulary and schema designers with key guidelines regarding extensions to existing vocabularies or development of new ones.