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Yesterday, I discovered this inspirational essay about Success, which has been published widely on the internet and in books, but is inaccurately attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson:

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I was a teenager in the mid-90s, and like most teenagers I struggled to figure out my place in the world. Now many kids respond to this situation by trying out all manner of new activities and identities, like by wearing rebellious clothes or smoking pot. Not me. I walked into the local public library and got sweep up by glossy get-rich-quick-books. I became convinced that I'd be millionaire by thirty and spent hours and hours thinking about success. I read books about success, wrote diary essays about success, and planned a series of "successful" business. Among other things, I decided to become a motivational speaker and started an online success magazine call Weekly Wisdom. I also tried flipping houses. The following audio file tells the funny tale of my failed attempt to sell other people’s houses. (I uploaded the audio and provided the soundcloud link below)

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I read books about success, wrote diary essays about success, and planned a series of "successful" business

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In order to write an essay about success, you need to have a clear perspective. What are you going to write about? the failure or advantages of success?

Success is within the mind of the individual