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Results The techniques surgeons and their team members use to exchange meaning is made explicit in this study, which brings out the systemic character of the options for meaning available to surgical team members. A grammar, albeit one that encompasses meaning through gesture, touch, body position and gaze, as well as speech, is presented. This grammar captures not only the conventions, rules and consistencies of the surgical ensemble, it also brings out the rhythm, tone, and nuance of the teamwork interactions.

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The language comprehension component of the synthetic teammate research is based on Double R Theory. Double R Theory is a linguistic theory of the grammatical encoding and integration of referential and relational meaning in English. The associated grammar is fundamentally a Cognitive Linguistic theory and the use of the term "grammar" encompasses meaning, function and structure as it does in Cognitive Grammar (also known as Cognitive Semantics). More information as well as scientific publications can be found at the .

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The dialectical approach, in contrast to that of positive testing, isholistic, because it relates the object of its investigations to totality;humanistic, because it deals with the question of the construction of socialreality by dynamic social beings; and, most importantly, encompasses meaning. (1996) articulates this well: "meaning alwaystakes place in a wider historical and material context which, while it does not either form or content of human transactions, both". In the context of a study of occupation, this meansthat we must understand the ways in which social norms, for example, arecontinually created and recreated and the dialectical interaction with societyin which the individual understands himself and his actions.

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This course is structured to elucidate the correlation between Museums and Education. The scope of the course encompasses meaning and definition of Museum Education along with the history of the work done in the field and also deals with issues of interpretation, outreach programme and non-formal education. Theoretical aspects of exploring educational potential of museums are to be supplemented by practical training.

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