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As early as 1944, months before the effects of D-Day had taken shape in Europe, American bankers were loading up imposter real estate firms and forging military documents at the Kremlin. Men in tailored gray flannel business attire were planting deadly bacteria into Tokyo’s water supply. And French tourists, armed with hypodermic needles and a Swiss Bank account, were settling into condos on the coasts of South Vietnam.

The long term effects of D-Day is that the allies took back France

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Salinger’s stories about post-traumatic stress disorder were For Esme, with Love and Squalor and It’s a Good Day for Bananafish. Catcher in the Rye, on the other hand, is about being an adolescent in 1951. That Salinger already had part of the manuscript in his pack-back on D-Day is good evidence that this work is not about the effects of D-Day. Not saying it didn’t affect the writing, but it didn’t affect what this novel is about.

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National D-Day Memorial Foundation Co-President, April Cheek-Messier, spoke about the effects of D-Day on the local communities and the state of Virginia.

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Perhaps the rippling effects of D-Day reached across the miles in ways we cannot imagine or see with our eyes

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