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These trends are reinforced by advances in technology and by larger and more impersonal systems of health care that have developed. What has become known as the "tyranny of technology" has forced those involved in health care to become more technologically sophisticated. This in turn has lead to an increased sense of professionalism and specialization within all aspects of medicine. Such professionalism has been characterized by a growing detachment from the unique concerns of individual patients and a loss of personal relationship to them. Physicians and other health care workers now react less as individuals in relationship to other individuals and more as representatives of their professions and their health care organizations. This results in a loss of autonomy and decision-making ability on the part of the patients and sometimes of their families as well. The policies and procedures of insurance companies and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) determine many critical health issues facing people in the twenty-first century. This loss of freedom is yet another dehumanizing effect of modern technology.

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One side effect of modern technology which has helped to contribute to the population boom is that people are living longer, healthier lives all over the world. An aging population has its own subset of risks and opportunities, with certain companies posed to profit from this shift in demographics. (For more, see also: .)

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Joseph Sobel introduces us to thoughts from Plato and Marshall McLuhan (among others) to prepare us for his subsequent discourse on storytelling from oral and literary sources and the effect of modern technology on storytelling...[analyzing] two highly entertaining excerpts from stories performed by Jim May and Syd Lieberman to show how the tellers express idea units (213). Thumbnail profiles of the two tellers aid our understanding of the analysis. [Sobol] has provided us with thoughts to ponder, practical suggestions and the message that storytelling always has been , and always will be, whatever the mode of performance or the labels used to describe the art.

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UK bed provider Big Brand Beds have produced a new infographic examining the effect of modern technology on our sleeping patterns. Gone are the days when all a bedroom contained...

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No, cash is not on its last leg. It’s just that its role is changing and adapting to the disruptive effect of modern technology, such as mobile and electronic payments in general.

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Poster presentation for the 2012 University Scholars Day at the University of North Texas discussing research on the effect of modern medical technology on the cost of health insurance coverage.