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One key contributing factor for the competitiveness of EECS427/470 is that you're not only competing against your classmates, but you're also competing against people that have taken the class before you. As these classes are notorious for consuming your life, project specifications (e.g. clock speed, microarchitectural features) frequently come up as a topic of conversation. Also, classmates and even professors frequently cite the most notorious of projects from past years. For EECS470, I remember people discussing the group that built a fully parameterizable superscalar OOO processor, as well as the first group that built a multicore processor. Therefore, the top students frequently feel a sense to prove themselves and hopefully build a project that professors will be telling their classes about for semesters to come.

EECS 427 - Optical Communications

You can read about my personal experience with the EECS427 competition here:

EECS 427 (VLSI I) is a time consuming class

EECS 427. VLSI Design I

Design techniques for rapid implementations of very large-scale integrated (VLSI) circuits, MOS technology and logic. Structured design. Design rules, layout procedures. Design aids: layout, design rule checking, logic and circuit simulation. Timing. Testability. Architectures for VLSI. Projects to develop and lay out circuits.

EECS 427: VLSI Design I - EECS @ University of Michigan

Upper Level CE Electives: 10 credits from the following list: EECS 427*, 452*, 461, 470*, 478, 482, 489, 527, 570, 573, 578, 582, 583*, 589, 627. Must include at least one Major Design Experience course taken concurrently with EECS 496 and TCHNCLCM 496 (MDE courses are indicated with an *). Other courses may be acceptable with prior approval of the Chief Program Advisor.

EECS 427: VLSI Design I - YouTube
A brief introduction to the major design experience course, VLSI Design I (EECS 427

Advisory pre-requisite: EECS 427 advised

A brief introduction to the major design experience course, VLSI Design I (EECS 427)

EECS 427 -- VLSI Design I - Chip | Ken Barr

EECS 427 Photonic and Optoelectronic Devices (Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2015) Textbooks: Larry A

EECS 427 Optical Communications