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Cowen focusses "on the trade in cultural products across geographic space", and tries to answer the "age-old question (...) are market exchange and aesthetic quality allies or enemies ?" The answer -- at least here -- comes as no surprise: American economists tend to be (to put it mildly) pro-free trade, and to see it as a cure-all for most of the world's woes. Cowen does consider some of the drawbacks of globalization on cultural products (specifically on their quality and availability), but there's not too much doubt here which side he's on.

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drawbacks of globalization, to provide a brief background on the effects ..

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Participants identified three external challenges facing ASEAN: globalization, regional imbalances, and a lack of engagement mechanisms. Many speakers contended that ASEAN’s development necessarily carries with it the drawbacks of globalization. For instance, rapid regional development has led to fierce competition between ASEAN countries. Others urged ASEAN countries already involved in international banking and foreign investment to strengthen their financial capabilities to avoid meeting the same fate as East Asian countries that were embroiled in the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990s. ASEAN countries are also worried that Western values have eroded support for their own values.

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The development of food system plans and assessments by localities, regions and states has been a relatively recent phenomena in the United States (Pothukuchi and Kaufman, 1999). Despite the fact that prior to the proliferation of cheap modes of transportation and industrial farming and processing, all food systems were regionally based, constrained by the limits of the land, climate and local farmers with the growing awareness of climate change, the drawbacks of globalization, and the increased desire and sensitivity toward sourcing food more locally or regionally. A conceptualization of the “local” or “regional” food system has taken root in the imaginations of planners, environmental advocates, researchers, local and regional agriculturally based businesses, and governments sensitive to the health and economic benefits of resilient food systems.

benefits and drawbacks of globalization, but that is not the purpose of this paper.
Analyze the economic, political, and cultural benefits and drawbacks of globalization since 1945

What have been the benefits and drawbacks of globalization since 1945

What have been the benefits and drawbacks of globalization since 1945?

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Introduction The benefits and drawbacks of globalization continue to be hotly debated

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