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Does capital punishment deter crime? Not any more than a decent job does. But more importantly, does it even matter that capital punishment makes us no safer? Does it matter to the beneficiaries of the death penalty and the prison industrial complex? I would emphasize that it does matter to those who know the facts and continue to support the death penalty. It does matter to them that the effect of executing people is to reinforce the racist distribution of wealth and resources in this country. What matters most to these people is that the voices of death row be silenced. But those voices must be heard.

Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime

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These are issues that arise within the context of studying academic disciplines. For example, the following questions might arise in such study: Who or what caused the explosion of the battleship Maine? Does television contribute to violence in society? How can the forces of racism be controlled? Does capital punishment deter crime? What would be the economic effects of a flat rate tax? How did anti-war demonstrations influence policymakers during the Vietnam era? Why did Hitler turn to a policy of genocide?
Disciplined inquiry into these questions typically follows some version of what might be called the social scientific method or the historical method. At the minimum, these methods involve gathering data relevant to the question, assessing the soundness or validity of these data, and formulating an answer to the central question that seems best supported by relevant data. The concept of an answer "best supported" by evidence is a critical one because we assume that well-informed people may continue to disagree on the best answer. What is important is that the disagreements entail increasingly sophisticated debates about the quality and relevance of evidence as well as the logic employed in coming to a particular conclusion.

Does capital punishment deter crime

— Before the New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission (October 24, 2006), reprinted in Amy M. Keyzer, Ed., Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime? (Greenhaven Press 2007).

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Does Capital Punishment deter Crime?

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Does Capital Punishment deter Crime

Does Capital Punishment deter crime