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Perhaps it's not too late for us to rethink divorce and society's moral values and how our family relationships affect our culture and the generations to come.

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Let us take a look at divorce and society's attitude concerning it

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Adolescents who have the ability to get along with peers have acquired a significant social skill that can lead to greater happiness in their adult family life and in the workplace. The parental conflicts that surround divorce and the social disruption that accompanies it place this competence at risk.

Causes for divorce in America and solutions for rising divorce rates

Divorce is also the great equalizer, and the hallmark of a truly advanced society in terms of women's rights. No woman can ever claim to feel "like property" or "subjugated by men" where are there are equitable divorce laws in place. When we look back at ancient civilizations, the ones that stand out are the ones like ancient Egypt which provided equitable treatment for women and the accessibility of divorce as a way to end a legal marriage. Even in the modern world, the best countries for women are those that allow them to divorce freely and without social stigma.

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