The main disadvantage of internet.

Internet Marketing: Pros and ConsThe number of people using the Internet has doubled each year for the past six years. Approximately 37 million people are using the Internet with a monthly growth rate of 10 percent. ... However, Internet marketing also has some downsides. ... The Internet helps the company in reaching to a much wider range of customers. ... Another disadvantage of internet marketing is that the Internet has no regulations or standards. ...

Despite of various advantage there are some disadvantage of internet.


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Although there are many advantages, researchers argue some disadvantages of an internet based society. Most of these drawbacks are a result of decreased face-to-face communication and the ability to escape identity.

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Another major disadvantage of the Internet is privacy. Electronic messages sent over the Internet can be easily tracked, revealing who is talking to whom and what they are talking about. As people surf the Internet, they are constantly giving information to web sites. People should become aware that the collection, selling, or sharing of the information they provide online increases the chances that their information will fall into the wrong hands. When giving personal information on the Internet, people should make sure the Web site is protected with a recognizable security symbol. On the other hand, this does not mean they are fully protected because anyone may obtain a user’s information. In other words, the most common Internet crimes are frauds.

Despite all of the terrible disadvantages of the Internet, there are numerous advantages. In fact, the advantages weigh out the disadvantages. The most common thing the Internet is used for is research. Children and students are among the top people who use the Internet for research. Nowadays, it is almost required that students use the Internet for research. The Internet has become one of the biggest sources for research. Almost everyday, research on medical issues becomes easier to locate. Web sites have become available for people to research diseases and talk to doctors online at sites such as, America’s Doctor.Today, internet is one of the most powerful tools through the world because it is a collection of various services and resources for people to search. But, even though it provides the massive benefits, the disadvantages of internet uses are also concerned by most parents to their children for seeing the possible cab consequences happening through different areas.
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As the media breathlessly remind us several times a day, the Internet is a global computing network that makes it possible for people to talk to one another over great distances very cheaply and quickly. Newsgroups, one of the services available on the Internet, are electronic bulletin boards which allow subscribers to read and post messages in thousands of specialized areas. There are very few controls on postings to any newsgroup, which are as a result frequently off topic, repetitive, vacuous, or offensive. Newsgroup postings offer an opportunity for an anthropologist to do some “lurking” without the usual costs of time, money, discomfort, or political hassle associated with ordinary types of fieldwork. A disadvantage of Internet ethnography of this sort is that it is much harder to figure out what's going on when you can only observe what people say, and not what they actually do.

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The disadvantage of Internet Marketing is that the customers are unable to touch, to smell, to taste and to try on the products before making an online purchase.


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