• Short descriptive writing pieces based on the topics studied

This week, students will proofread and polish their descriptive writing for publication. On Wednesday, our 2nd grade buddy classes will visit our classroom. 5th grade students will share the descriptive writing pieces, and their buddy will try to guess the picture the writing is describing. We look forward to sharing our first published writing piece!

On Thursday and Friday, we will give a two-day formative writing assessment on personal narrative writing. We will use the results to guide our lessons so that we plan for what your child needs. We'll spend the month of September crafting a personal narrative from pre-writing to publication!

This week, we will begin the expectation that students will write planners and published writing in cursive. There will be nightly cursive practice that should take no more than ten minutes for your child to complete. In class, we'll confer with your child to ensure they are making proper strokes and writing neatly and uniformly. On Friday, students will have a cursive "quiz" where they will write a paragraph in cursive. Two 100s on cursive quizzes will excuse your child from nightly cursive homework!

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This graphic organizer, “A Burst of Ideas” supports students in planning writing using brainstorming prewriting strategies for descriptive writing pieces.

- Finish first draft of descriptive writing piece

(Grades 4–12)
Students learn to develop powerfully descriptive writing pieces with help from one of America's most honored writers of books for children. Newbery Medal-winning author Virginia Hamilton provides students with sample writings, tips, strategies, and challenges to help them develop their own writing. She also gives students guidelines on revising what they've written. When your students have successfully completed the workshop, they can publish their descriptive pieces online.

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Students then use their Halloween words in order to create a descriptive writing piece. Product can be

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Short sentences work well at the start of a descriptive writing piece to grab attention or they ..

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This worksheet helps students to plan for their descriptive writing pieces using the senses.

A good descriptive paragraph will make a vivid picture