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We joked to ease the pain: “I finally made it into Cosmo magazine, but unfortunately it was for a horrible description about myself.” One woman talked about how she will have trouble ever trusting anyone again, especially in dating. Another woman, who was playful, funny, and instantly everyone’s friend, described herself as a survivor of emotional and physical abuse from a former lover. We were all processing what had just happened. We were becoming friends.

I might consider writing a short description about myself.

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“My goal when writing Shleep Thoughts was to give a funny yet positive and truthful description about myself. The song is mainly about me as a person and what I believe in, as well as some random thoughts that come across my mind from time to time.

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WOW… where do I really begin … to begin! I felt like I just read a brief description about myself…..!! I worry alot too…but at the same time I feel like evry single person I meet, I want in my life…I love people, sometimes I feel like in a past life I was a care bear. I swear as I was reading that it seriously felt as if I would have said exactly the same thing! I am excited to read your blog! I can relate…I feel the exact same way you do.

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When I read the description about myself, I was shocked