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Here are the basics: it is about 8’x8’. Its right off my laundry room, and also have an exterior door that goes to a patio. There are no windows…and very limited natural light if I have the door shut. Also, I am cheap. Really, I am. I hate paying full price when I don't have to. Almost all of the furniture and organization in my room was either found at a garage sale, bought on clearance, or given to me by family. I have used small, white circle office tags (hung on with twine) to label most baskets, tins, and boxes so others can find things in my space. As I describe my room, I will try to tell you where I found the organizational pieces that I use.

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I did some research on carpet cleaning companies because we have a baby on the way and I needed them done once and done right. I liked the idea of the rotovac and thought the extra scrubbing, trunkmount and quick drying would be a better bet than the traditional means that takes hours to dry. I emailed them late one night for a quote and had a return phone call the next morning. We spent abut 15-20 minutes on the phone describing my room sizes etc and I received a quote. The quote was almost triple what a typical carpet cleaning I have had done before has cost, but again I was willing to pay extra for the quality. I scheduled the appointment for 2 months out. One week before the appointment called to confirm, left a message and no return call. Two days before the appt I called again and spoke to someone who confirmed the time was between 10:30-11:30 am and a technician would show up in that time frame. The morning of the appt I received a call at 11am asking for my address, if it was a condo and the amount of rooms etc that were to be cleaned...what happened to the info I had already provided?? Anyway, he said they would be there in an hour (12 pm) - 30 minutes after they were scheduled to arrive. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought that they were overestimating how long it would take them to get here. It was almost 1pm before they arrived.

They finally showed up and asked where my spigot was - I live in a townhouse/condo community and the closest spigot is 100 yds from my door. He spent at least 20 minutes trying to determine if he had a hose long enough to reach etc. Finally he said he had a tank on his truck, but couldn't use it because it didn't have water in it...I told him to go back his truck up to the spigot and fill it up. Problem solved.

On to the carpets - he pre-treated the stains (2 dogs/2 cats - light carpet) it wasn't terrible, but there were stains. At least half did not come clean. The rotovac works in a circular motion and leaves round swirls all over the carpet. I thought that they would dissapear after a bit, but it is now July (cleaned in April) and they are still there. As he cleaned the stairs he had no regard for the edge of the metal suction hose that he banged into my wood trim leaving a dent in the moulding next to each step. In addition he stopped every 5- 10 minutes to take phone calls...frustrating.

Bottom line is that the carpets were not cleaned any better than a typical carpet cleaning. For the extra money it costs (hundreds of dollars) call Stanley Steamer and save yourself some dough.

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Stepping up to immersive surround is going quite a few leaps forward in sound reproduction. When I went to CEDIA last year, I was floored by Dolby Atmos. It was almost as good as the cinema version! I made a mistake in describing my room dimension. The listening area is 12 x 15 as mentioned, but the area behind the couch is probably another 15x25. It's a basement that's shaped like a work boot (shoe), where my listening area is where the ankle would be, and the area behind the couch would be where the foot is at. I hope that makes sense, let me know if that's a terribad description and I can make a drawing. Anyways, because it's actually larger than 12x15, would that change any of the recommendations as far as the speaker recommendations? Would I need floor standing speakers instead of the bookshelves?

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Also, I am cheap. Really, I am. I hate paying full price when I don't have to. All of the furniture and organization inmy room was either found at a garage sale, bought on clearance, or given to me by family. As I describe my room, I will try to tell you where I found the oranizational pieces that I use.

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Rather than describing my room as being tired or in need of a total rehab, I would characterize it as not new. That is, it was very nice to begin with and continues to be very nice. The luxury hotel industry and our definition of five star luxury has moved on since Cap Juluca was first built. Today top end hotel rooms are bigger, are beautifully decorated, and provide an exaggerated sense of place. I am sure the room I had at Cap was all that in its day, but it is perhaps not all that today. But, that, to me, is not a reason to avoid the hotel. The location on the beach and the level of privacy afforded at Cap trump any minor issues presented by the rooms being not new.

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For some reason, I had a lot of difficulty writing about this particular subject. I was fascinated by Bryn Mawr's history and the story behind its architecture and students but I felt so disconnected that I didn't know how it applied to my personal space, which was my room. I ended up describing my room and the comfort I feel when I'm in it, and how I'm learning to accept it as a version of my home away from "home". I wrote about the importance of living on campus and how much better a college experience one has in comparison to a student living off-campus. When size and price of the rooms play a huge role in how one interacts with others at college, I could see how isolated a student who had to live off-campus would've felt. I feel spoiled.