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I have included this background about my grandparents and about Barry Tiger not for reasons of describing my family history, but, as I will relate below, because it was influential in both my journey to and away from Zionism.

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It’s an incredibly complicated problem not only for me, personally, but for all Hungarians. To make it all a little clearer it would be useful for me to begin by describing my family.

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My next-door-neighbor in my freshman dorm in college was a history maven. One evening, she let out a "Whoop!" and "Marie! This is so YOU" and proceeded to share with me a passage from one of her Russian history texts, describing MY FAMILY (way back when) who were (paraphrased) "itinerant and irreverent populist entertainers, who performed pornographic folk theater in villages and towns throughout medieval Russia". Yep - I was a party animal too, back in the day.

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