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With the introduction of the genitive plural, students will have experience with all six cases. Students will progress to basic prefixed verbs of motion and the corresponding prepositions. Communicative tasks include describing a city or country, talking about transportation, and describing a trip or plans for a trip.

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Postcards featuring urban destinations surged in abundance at the turn of the twentieth century. Travel to and within cities became easier during this period as railroad and trolley services expanded, and as railway cars and hotels offered more refined facilities. Cities appealed to tourists for the same reasons they do today: grand parks, colossal buildings, historic sites, museums, shopping, and theatrical, musical and sports performances. More so than other vacation sites, cities offered a wide variety of attractions all in one place. A postcard describing a city tour reveals a whirlwind of activities. The thousands of surviving cards with urban scenes demonstrate the growing popularity of American cities as vacation destinations.

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The third section of the book describes the city itself, working through thevarious wards of the city and briefly describing the sabbans (districts)contained in each. Notable sites and personalities are highlighted, oftenwith just enough back story to provide character. For describing a city aslarge as Calimport is alleged to be, this works remarkably well. I do have agripe here in that I think the maps could have been better produced -- thecity map shows wards and their sabban divisions, while the ward maps showonly the drudach divisions within the sabbans. It's a little hard tofollow. Also, be aware that there is a discrepancy between what look likealleys and structures on the maps and the descriptions of the city as full oftiny dwellings and narrow streets. Again, this is hard to follow and I thinkit's better to let your imagination guide you.

Wikipedia describes  as a suburb of São Paolo. When I read your question, I imagined that you were looking to describe a city within a city.
It was not so long ago that the pinnacle of urban glamour was the city that never sleeps. New York, London, Tokyo – these cities boasted 24-hour lifestyles and the world looked on in envy. They promised thrilling experiences: do your laundry at 03.00, have a meal at 04.00 and buy the morning after pill from your all-night pharmacy before you go to bed. Who needs sleep when there’s hedonistic decadence on tap? Describing a city as “sleepy”… is a dialogue between Socrates and other Athenian philosophers about the happiness of the just versus the unjust man, which ends with them describing a city of philosopher-kings, and how that city could be achieved.Referring to someone as resourceful is high praise. The word very succinctly creates a narrative of character for the individual, communicating agility, ingenuity and ability. Resourceful is not a term we often think of when describing a city’s character. We usually see only a fragment of the word as we measure the resources consumed by a city instead of the resourcefulness applied to its built environment.
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Alberti was certainly familiar with the topography of Rome. Around 1432, under the auspices of Pope Eugenius IV, he wrote a survey of the monuments of the city. Some time before 1450, when was completed, Alberti was a consultant of Pope Nicholas V, who was greatly concerned about the need to restore Old St. Peter’s. Other humanists like Biondo Flavio were even bitterer in their criticism, describing a city where the building ambitions of the Church were gradually obliterating the architectural achievements of the ancients. This image would be often echoed in subsequent works of scholarship, acquiring a quasi-melodramatic tone in Rodolfo Lanciani’s multi-volume series (1902-1912). But is this picture accurate?

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Also, this model describes a suburban model that was developed to describe cities of workers with rising and stable sources of income buying homes out from the city. There have always been pockets like Chevy Chase, DuPont, and elsewhere that wealth stayed in close to the city center. This collapse of the model is just as likely describing a city where the incomes of the largest body of workers remain flat or decline rather than an attraction of wealth to the city.

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Starting with the inspiration for the project, Bornstein & Bornstein discovered a positive correlation between the walking speed of pedestrians and the size of the city . Robert Levine demonstrated in his study the faster pace of life in the northern, economically developed and individualistic countries. In short, the studies proved that it is possible to describe a city and its culture by the speed of inhabitants and services, and its location.